Adaptation Game

by limebirdlaura

Let’s play a game! Oh come on don’t give me that face, it will be fun! Afterward we will have cake and cookies, so you’ll definitely be missing out if you don’t join in. (Limebird Writers may or may not actually be providing cake and cookies)

OK! This is an adaptation game. I just thought it might be fun. I once had to go through this in a class. One week the professor made us write a one page biography on ourselves, and didn’t explain why. The next week our biographies were distributed throughout the class until we each had someone else’s biography, which we had to adapt into a short script.

I was given a girl’s biography which was rather bleak. She had been a very sick child and spent most of her childhood in hospitals with no contact with her family. When she did have contact with them, they were rather abusive toward her. As a teen she turned to art, and then eventually got out from under her family and the hospital in order to attend art school.

That, in itself, would make for a rather depressing movie.  So I took the bleak depressing story, and turned it into a fantasy – a sick child who has adventures in her head, which allows her to grow and learn and become better again.

Life itself is pretty boring. Someone may have lead an extraordinary life which would make for a good movie or novel, but I’m sure bits and pieces of it here and there have to be inflated to make it more interesting, and that is what this game is all about!

So come on! Lets have a go at adapting each other’s life stories. In the comments section, just write a quick paragraph or two about your life story, and then another paragraph or two as the adaptation of someone else’s life story. Maybe you’ll invent a new character you want to use in your current or future work!

I’ll start off with my life story:

I was born in a very small town in the Appalachian region of Kentucky, USA. My parents divorced when I was around 3 years old, and from there I went to live with my mom full time but having to visit my dad every other weekend and half the summer. When I was 6, my sister Kelly was born. Through school I was nerdy, shy, awkward, and fat. I kept my nose in a book and my head in the clouds. I have always been extradorinarilly cheerful and upbeat and happy – even when I went through my “I hate my dad for ignoring me” phase during my teens and early 20’s. (I’m fine with my dad now, I’ve come to peace with him and no longer let resentment toward him make me crazy all the time.)

Up until my freshman year of college, I had never been kissed. (Yeah, super shy awkward girl, party of 1 right here!) When I was 18 my best friend introduced me to a guy she knew, and when I was 19 he became the second boyfriend I ever had. That was the same year my sister Rebecca was born – two weeks before my 20th birthday. I dated the guy my friend introduced me to for around 5 years, at which point we decided life is too short to keep putting things off. We threw together a wedding in around 2-3 weeks. That was two years ago, and he hasn’t killed me yet!

There you have it, pretty boring, nothing exciting or extreme. I think the girl who wrote my life story made me into a character that couldn’t marry her boyfriend until she met her biological father or something like that. So they went on a big quest looking for her dad. Which, obviously never actually happened in my life.

So let’s have it! Adapt my life or adapt each other’s lives –  come on adapt adapt adapt! Just make sure not to offend each other. I will take away your cake and cookies if you do that! Don’t think I won’t do it!

13 Comments to “Adaptation Game”

  1. What a fun idea Laura!

    Ok, so here’s my piece based on your life story (I did 100 words cause well, you know) Obviously I’m sure this is nothing like yours, but this is just what popped into my head. I took the part of absent dad as I have some experience, and actually this piece is kind of from experience! However, this is what came to me so I’m going with it!

    Sarah watched as her daughter stood excitedly by the large windows at the front of the house, her small overnight bag rested on the chair next to her, with Mr Flopsy perched on top. Her hands were pressed hard against the glass, her head craning to make sure she didn’t miss his car pulling into the driveway.

    Checking her watch, Sarah could see that he was now an hour late. Her daughter was still there, at the window, but she could see that her shoulders were starting to sag. Slowly she turned around and sighed.

    “Daddy’s not coming again is he?”

    Soooo, my few paragraphs about my life are below, if anyone should choose to accept it…

    I was born in the west of England in somewhere called Bristol ( there’s very strong countryside accents there, I don’t have it now though!). If you’re from the US, you should check it out, you may not understand it though..! I was born with disclocated hips, so I was in a splint for the first few weeks of my life.

    However, we moved down to London when I was young, then my parent’s split. I have an AMAZING step dad, who’s helped raise me since I was 4, which is awesome. Also, my mum is the best, she’s one of my best friends. Umm, I also have two step siblings and two half siblings. (The halves, I’m quite a lot older than! They’re 7 and 10 )

    I kept the sickly theme going and had to endure secondary school (high school) with glasses AND braces, and I’ve got a curved spine so they wanted to put me in a back brace. I refused though… could you imagine, glasses, braces AND bad brace. I would just need some special shoes and I’d have the jackpot. I also have Polycystic Kidneys, which is a herditary disease. So basicially, if I ever reproduce, I feel sorry for the children…

    Anyhoo, I went to University in Hertfordshire (north of London) and that’s where I met Aaron. We met doing martial arts and when I first paired up with him, I kicked him right in the googlies, and he still wanted to go out with me! 5 years later, we’ve just bought our first house and that’s where we are today! Oh yeah and last year I created Limebird.

    The End… 😀

    Umm, is that enough? That might be boring, but sorry bout that!

    B x

  2. Beth, I’m going to do your story. =) Such a fantastic Idea!
    I had to do a bit longer to really get out the idea that I had… Sorry. =)

    Beth looked out the window of her stepfather’s study, wondering where he had vanished to. It had been weeks without word of him, and the only clue he left in his absence was a small wooden box that apparently had no opening and was adorned only with the picture of a burning fire. Her mother knew something, but she wasn’t telling anyone else, despite the begging of Beth and her younger siblings. She only said that he would return within a month, and left it at that. Pressing the matter further only brought forth the usual “He’s away on business”.
    She stared at the box once more, looking surreptitiously out the door to make sure she was alone, and then snatched the box off of the desk.

    The box was a useless lump of wood. Nothing Beth did would open the contraption, though she knew that it had to open somehow. It was lighter than a solid block of wood should have been, and she thought she heard a barely distinguished tinkling sound when she pressed her ear to it. It was an enigma. She ran her finger over the picture of fire once more and had a crazy idea. She left and returned a short time later with a lighter.
    Holding the box steady, she flicked the lighter and held it up to the picture of fire. Suddenly, the box split open, flowing away from the center as if it had been turned into liquid. Beth stared mesmerized at the spectacle before her eyes and picked up the small vial that had been revealed from within the box. It was labeled “Fairy Tears: Use with caution”, and it was empty.

    Okay, my biography…
    I grew up in Salem, Alabama. My dad was an auto mechanic who worked constantly, and my mom was a shopaholic who had trouble with credit cards. I have two younger brothers, one four years younger than me, one eight years younger. I was the daddy’s girl, but my dad never seemed to care much for my brothers. He was always much harsher to them.
    When I got to junior high, my parents let me join the marching band. It was probably the best thing that had ever happened to me. I never had many friends going up, but joining the bad made me feel very included. Despite this, I struggled a lot with depression, though now I think it might have just been teenage hormones. Looking back, I don’t see what I was so depressed about.
    I met my husband in Highschool, and then broke up with him right after I graduated. I married someone else four years later, found out that we secretly hated eachother, and got divorced. I had a ten month old and a baby on the way at the time. It was a nightmare. About two years later, now a happily divorced single mom, I finally attained my associates degree and Re-Met my highschool sweetheart. Our first date was going to the movies WITH the kids. =) Afterwards, he came back to our place for coffee. I put the kids to bed and we talked for hours. We went on a second date, and got married within the year. We’ve been together for four years now, and have a child of our own, for a total of three. He is the best dad that any of my kids could have, and is way more wonderful that I deserve. =)
    Thats me.

  3. Tamara, I’ll do yours!

    Reed in her mouth, Tamara put her clarinet together quickly. Running late had become the norm for the four who were in the room now, all quickly putting their instruments together. The drum line was already on the field, and they would start warm ups any minute. Tamara stood and headed for the door, putting the reed on her instrument as she walked. When she got to the football field (whose only purpose was for marching band, of course), she quickly found her spot. The marching band was the alarm clock for this side of town, as the first notes hit by the drum line always happened at exactly 6 am. But when she glanced at the drum line, something was wrong. They were missing four members: three snares, a quad, and the biggest bass drum. Mr. Carlson, the director, went on almost normally, though something was different that wasn’t there before. There was a hush in the group. Had Tamara missed something?
    “Did you hear?” Ellie, the clarinet next to Tamara, whispered. “Did you hear what happened to the four drummers?”
    “Shh!” a saxophone player behind them said in their direction. “Mr. Carlson said he’d tell us!” But just as Mr. Carlson called the attention of the band, a police car drove up and parked next to the field.
    “I don’t think Mr. Carlson’s gonna tell us,” Ellie said.

    My biography:
    I grew up in a tiny little town of 1,200 called Cottonwood, Minnesota. My dad is an organic crop farmer and my mom works with him on the farm and volunteers for a lot of ag stuff. I have two younger sisters, one a year younger than I, the other three. Each of us three is quite different, but it is obvious we’re sisters by our appearance and mannerisms.
    In school, I was the quiet one who was loud with friends and people I’m comfortable around. When I was 13, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. High school was a bit of a roller coaster in terms of everything. It took awhile to find a medicine for my MS that was effective for me. It is still a struggle almost every day, but I keep a positive front on, if even for my own sake. When I was a sophomore, there was an accident in which a bus was t-boned and four children died. My school and my community was is so small that we knew each of the kids well. I am currently a junior in college with a major in Music Education. The thing that’s helped me get through all the hardships I’ve dealt with is my faith, for sure.

  4. Love it, Mizz! I always knew those drummers were up to no good. ^_~ Your choice for band director was amazing. I actually had one named Mr. Courson!

    • Haha, thanks! I am actually still an active percussionist in my college band right now, but I’ve always been the nice one who does what she’s asked (trouble? me? no..!). =)

  5. My biography:
    I was born in Derbyshire, England. The son of an English mother (going back to King Alfred and beyond) and a Trinidadian father (half Trinidadian Indian, quarter Barbadian/Bangladeshi, quarter Barbadian Afro Caribbean ex-slave).

    Nearly died at aged 14 months from bronchial pneumonia and spent the next few years smaller than my friends (weight at birth 5 pounds 8 ounces, nine months 19 pounds, twelve months 22 pounds, eighteen months 23 pounds, two years 25 pounds).

    Aged 3 we moved to Kettering where my mother’s family came from.

    Most formative time as a child was being in the boy scouts from 12 to 17.

    Left school at 16 and worked as an apprentice fitter in a steelworks, doing day-release. Then did a degree and a teaching qualification.

    Worked as a volunteer for two years in a teacher training college in Nigeria. Since then have lived most of my life out of the UK and plan to settle in South Africa.

    1961-86 UK
    1986-90 Nigeria
    1990-93 UK
    93-96 St. Lucia
    96 Guiné Bissau
    96-97 Papua New Guinea
    97-2000 UK
    2000-01 South Africa
    2002 Tanzania
    2002-04 Kenya
    2004-Present South Africa

    I’m going to do a short piece based on mizzblonde09’s bio.

    Mizz sat on the case of her drum in the college car park, waiting for the other members of the band to turn up. The outing was close to her heart and so she hadn’t been able to sleep. Arriving early had given her time to think about the significance of what they were about to do: she’d managed to get the local chapter of Right2Know to support the fight in Cottonwood, and had slipped the concert by the college authorities. The Dean thought that the band were just going to play at a memorial to those lost in that school bus accident from years ago. It was true that there was to be a memorial, and Mizz knew that it would bring back many painful memories; but the weekend was also forward looking, defending the future of her tiny home town. The memorial was scheduled for Sunday, but, on the Saturday, there was a planned march on the Monsanto plant in Minnesota. The GM crops being encouraged may or may not be safe, Mizz was open-minded about that, but what was clear was that the GM crops were encroaching upon the fields of the organic farmers, threatening their future.

    The rallying call of a bugle echoed across the concrete and Mizz stood up, smiling.

  6. My story is based on Beth’s bio:
    Watery eyes blinked helplessly. The pain encircled his entire body, shot from his fingertips and burned white hot at its core further down. He could not utter a sound or move and could only watch as the enemy approached, weapon at the ready. This was it, this was the end. His head ached terribly and his shoulder burned from falling. The wound itself felt as if in the iron grip of some Norse thunder god. The swordsman moved around him and he craned his neck… trying… to see.

    The enemy slowly removed his helmet to reveal his face he moved around behind the inert form. When Aaron looked up next he gasped involuntarily. What’s this?? An angel. It had to be an angel. Long brown hair swam in and out of his vision as a sweet voice made from the harps of angels leaned over him and said, “So sorry, got you in the googlies did I?”

    Here is my short bio:
    I was born the third day after Christmas. A long, long time ago (lol). I’ve been married and divorced twice, I figured that’s enough for anyone and I quit dating years ago. I have a daughter, 17 and if anyone needs any questions answered just ask her. Make it quick though, while she still knows everything. She’s going to high school and working part-time and is a busy girl these days.
    I live in between my uncle and my mother, our properties all line up next to each other. My aunt lives behind us down the road a short ways, and a cousin is very close to us as well. Close in vicinity only, the cousin doesn’t talk to most of us and vice versa. The rest of the family is pretty close.
    A fan of the short-lived show in the 60’s called “Lost In Space” and with a father who was an avid trekkie, I’ve always been fascinated with the stars and planets. The next best thing for me was watching Jacques Cousteau, his underwater world was in many ways a lot like I imagined outer space to be. In high school I wanted to be a Marine Biologist, among other things!

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