100 Word Film Review – The Hunger Games

by limebirdaaron

The film that I will be reviewing this week in 100 words is the highly anticipated ‘The Hunger Games’.

The Hunger Games

I’m probably going to regret saying this on here, but I haven’t read the books! The film is never going to match up to how you’ve imagined it, and I’ve heard different views on how close this was to the books. Despite this, fans of the books seem to have enjoyed this more than me. I thought the film was easy to watch but it didn’t leave me desperate for the next one to come out, it could have been a one off with an open ending. A must see for Hunger Game fans, but fairly average if you’re not.

6.5/10 Limes

So, what did you all think of the film?


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30 Responses to “100 Word Film Review – The Hunger Games”

  1. I made a point of reading the book before going to see the film. I loved the book, in my opinion it was well written and a good story. The film doesn’t have as much detail as the book but other than that I have seen much worse adaptations, in comparison this one was fairly good. The book ends on a slightly different note to the film but not in a way that would annoy book fans. I’m keen to see the next one and am currently reading the second book so I can compare. I do agree that unless you’re a fan of the books or have at least read them then some of the parts of the film aren’t very well explained. I saw this film with my step-dad who hadn’t read the book and he was left with a few questions at the end. I found myself filling in the blanks for him at the end of the screening.

    • I think that seems to be a common theme with book adaptations. Parts are left out because they think they aren’t needed, but that’s because they know the whole story, it’s easier for someone who hasn’t read the book to notice the gaps

  2. 6.5 limes – ooo, you and me are going to have words limebirdaaron!!! I loved the books and I thought the film did an amazing job of bringing them to life and selecting which parts it was able to focus on, as well as doing a good job of picking up some of the gaps from the books (and even though they’re amazing, there are some aspects of the books that could have done with a bit more work.) The casting was also great.

    • I knew it was likely to be an unpopular review, but I don’t sell out :p With regards to the casting, I heard people went crazy over the fact Rue was played by a black girl, even though the book describes her as having dark skin.

  3. I kind of agree with you here, and I kind of don’t! I had read all of the books and was super super excited to watch the film. I did enjoy it, but I agree with you that it didn’t leave you going ‘oh my god’ what might happen next?! Also there were a few bits in there where I thought they didn’t explain quite as well as they could have.

    Apart from that, I was always going to love it, so I probably would have given it 8.5.

    • Your comment explains why I think a lot of people who have read the books seem to like the film more than those who haven’t. You went into the cinema already a fan before it had started, whereas I only knew the main idea behind the plot.

  4. Not read the books or seen the film. The comments so far here seem to support what you said in your review, it obviously appeals more to those who are fans of the books. So maybe I shouldn’t bother watching the film unless I can be bothered to read the book first!

  5. I completely see what you mean. I heard quite a few people say that could have been the end. I liked the parts of the movie I hadn’t read and the parts I did read I got angry with sometimes.

  6. Read the book, now wondering if I should watch the movie. I was pretty excited to see it. Hmmmm! Decisions, decisions… lol

  7. I’ve not read the books or seen the film, but then I didn’t see Titanic until ten years after release.

  8. I haven’t read the book or seen the movie, and I’m not falling all over myself to get started. But I was the same way with HP and when I finally saw them, I wished I’d started sooner.

  9. I can see where book fans might be more inclined to watch the movie, but I think that’s true of any book turned movie. I really loved the movie and keep trying to beg people to go watch it with me again so I can have an excuse to go back to the theater 🙂 What shocked me was that my husband quite enjoyed it, and I figured he was just humoring me by letting me drag him to the movies.

    • Ha-ha, my husband was always like that with HP – making a big show of the fact I was ‘dragging’ him along, but when I told him I’d arranged to go with a friend one time so he didn’t have to come along, he ‘casually’ said he ‘may as well join us’!

    • My mum reads loads and always rushes to see films made from her favourite books, but I don’t think she’s ever happy with the outcome.


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