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April 21, 2012

Keeping it with You

by limebirdamber

I carry a special notebook with me to every class I go to, and sometimes when I go out. In this notebook only things related to my writing are allowed. I have the first couple of pages blocked off for one off sentences or ideas, or other random thoughts I might have. I write poems in there, stories, blog ideas, and my outline for Abstaining from Permanence went in there, too. It’s almost empty again! This is my second one.

Carrying a notebook gives you the chance to write any idea that pops into your head. However, there’s the problem of people not liking to hand-write. So, you probably have a cell phone. And in this device there is a module for keeping notes (or if it’s a smartphone you can go download one). You may have a character limit, but you can make multiple ones for these ideas that come to you. You can send texts to yourself or save them as drafts.

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