Keeping it with You

by limebirdamber

I carry a special notebook with me to every class I go to, and sometimes when I go out. In this notebook only things related to my writing are allowed. I have the first couple of pages blocked off for one off sentences or ideas, or other random thoughts I might have. I write poems in there, stories, blog ideas, and my outline for Abstaining from Permanence went in there, too. It’s almost empty again! This is my second one.

Carrying a notebook gives you the chance to write any idea that pops into your head. However, there’s the problem of people not liking to hand-write. So, you probably have a cell phone. And in this device there is a module for keeping notes (or if it’s a smartphone you can go download one). You may have a character limit, but you can make multiple ones for these ideas that come to you. You can send texts to yourself or save them as drafts.

If you’re like me, you have crazy adventure dreams. I’d keep a notebook by the bed too, because if you’re also like me, these awe-inspiring dreams and random ideas don’t last long in your mind. That random little idea may spawn something interesting.

Well, it could just be something that you never use too. At least you have it though. Main point: Have the ability to write down the idea at all times.

Do you do this? Do you do something different that this? Let me know, maybe I’ll steal your idea.

46 Responses to “Keeping it with You”

  1. I love the cell phone idea! Thanks!

  2. I do the notebook like you. It can be quite hard to find things in there because obviously you can’t rearrange pages to group relevant bits together, so I have a little coding system for myself, in the top right hand corner of each page I write a letter to signify what is on that page, so ‘B’ means it’s ideas for blog posts, ‘A’ is article ideas (for magazines), ‘S’ is story ideas etc. Every so often I look through it all thoroughly and find ideas in there that I had completely forgotten about, and I’m sure would never have remembered again if I hadn’t written them down!

  3. I always have at least a small notebook in my bag in case the Muse drops me a line at the grocery store or at the office. If I’m in an idea-rich groove, I’ll bring a larger one so I can write scenes or really extensive notes.

  4. I use a notebook and I have been through a lot of them. Every few weeks I will go back and take the little idea and put it into my laptop. I so keep one idea per page, so they don;t become bunched up and lost.

  5. I ALWAYS have a notebook with me, no matter where I am πŸ˜‰

    But the thing I really struggle with is what to do when I’m in the car, alone lol


  6. My brain is usually the recording mechanism, although it failed a couple of times along the way. If the idea carries sufficient strength, it will embed and call for attention. Still, I like the idea of some sort of handy device, for all the extras it brings – knowing and confidence.

    Paper… I wrote 952 pages of story on paper over 21 months, and my handwriting is minute. πŸ™‚

    • Wow, so many pages. I would hate having to type that onto the computer after. πŸ™‚ I’ve contemplated getting those pens that make a text file as you write with it.

  7. My list of random-thought holding recepticals: Cellphone texts, backs of reciepts, front of reciepts, envelopes, my yellow note pad, ticket stubs, gum wrappers, post-its, and the weirdest thing of all: myself. ^_~

  8. I have little notebooks all over the place: in my car, the house, my locker at work, my purse… More often though, I just text myself an idea. It’s one less thing to carry and have to find, since I always have my phone with me anyhow. I lose the bits of paper too often.

  9. I have, well, several things I carry around for writing purposes. I walk around with one steno pad for hand-written notes, pencil always attached. I have my iPod Touch that I’ve had for the last few years now, and I’ve gotten pretty good with typing on that. There’s also my iPad, a more recent addition but only leaves my side if absolutely necessary. Further, if I’m writing an actual draft, there’s a small notebook that goes with me for working out the next chapter in detailed notes. Sometimes I have two of those, if I’m at the end of one and ready to start the next or I’m working out deep edits, because I’ll use the same small notebook, but the opposite end, for that purpose. Sometimes, if I’m in a meeting at work and I have an idea, I’ll use a sheet of paper from the book I keep for notes there, leaving me with assorted scraps. Oh, and sometimes I carry a stack of index cards, if I’m trying to work out a concept with multiple parts, because that works for me sometimes.

    Don’t ask how I organize all this. It’s why I have an outlining program on my iPad and computer that I copy all this into.

    • You never cease to amaze me. πŸ™‚ I think I would be lost. At the same time, i want to try your ideas.

      • No, my ideas order me around, you don’t want that. Well, okay, some of yours seem to as well, so maybe you understand. It’s not always fun. One of mine became a slavedriver yesterday, insisting on being written without delay. Thankfully, that was just a short story, but sometimes the novels get unruly too.

        And to be honest, I think I carry so much around with me because I’m terrified of a dead battery at a moment of crucial realization. Trust me, if it can happen to anyone, it will almost certainly happen to me πŸ™‚

      • I worry about dead batteries too, haha. That, and I just prefer notebooks, I suppose. And I think you need to get a whip and order your stories to you. But who am I to talk πŸ˜›

  10. I have an epic collection of mini moleskins, all black with lined pages, which travel around with me. But since I’ve had a phone with a notes applications almost everything gets written down on there!

    For a while I had a dictaphone by my bed, but it’s kind of creepy listening to your own voice whispering things in the middle of the night!

    • Owh, I bet that would be creepy. I had an app downloaded that would record any speak talk. I couldn’t bring myself to use it. Worried I would hear something…else…

  11. I don’t carry a notebook and pencil with me, but I really should. The only time I’m able to jot everything down is when I’m near my computer, and even then, I feel like I miss a lot of things simply because I can’t remember them all.

  12. I count count the times I’ve had wonderful thoughts or heard things that I KNOW I’ll remember because it was just too funny/rich/wonderful, but just can’t conjure it up when I’m finally around paper and pen. I now carry a note pad.

  13. I carry a small moleskine with me in my purse to record the odd thought or quick note in.

  14. Sticky notes. I have them everywhere. Not very efficient, is it?

  15. Great post Amber! I ALWAYS have a notebook on me incase something pops up. It’s a small one that fits in my bag as you never know when ideas are going to appear. However, if I don’t have my bag on me, then I’m the same in that I write notes on my phone! πŸ™‚ Lovely to see everyone’s reponses.

  16. Always have writing utensil and notebook with me! The phone is a great idea, Beth.

  17. Yes! I key my random thoughts into my cellphone, even if that sounds weird! Halfway through a book I think of something and I type frantically into my phone. πŸ™‚

  18. I have the notpad thing on my phone, and when I have “brain fragments” as I call them, I type them there so I can remember them later.

  19. I always have a notepad in my bag when I’m out and about or I have it nearby at home – it’s my PhD ideas notepad and I don’t think I could survive without it. I use it to jot down ideas, random thoughts, writing bits, lists etc. related to my studies and I can’t count how many times I have had exciting ideas just before going to sleep, or had a thought about how to start a chapter/paragraph I have been avoiding being unable to find the right words…
    I have recently tried to use a notepad app on my mobile, but it’s not the same as pen and paper, call me old fashioned πŸ™‚

  20. Haha, I like it better when I see some words/phrases/sentences first on paper. Though of course it’s easier to type the whole thing… Like you, I also keep a notebook beside my bed. Dreams are always crazy – we just don’t remember most of the time. I haven’t thought of writing something from my dreams though…

    • Maybe you should give it a try πŸ™‚ Writing from dreams I mean. And there is just something about seeing words on paper that is a nice feeling.


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