100 Word Challenge – “I’m exhausted. Shut the door behind you”

by limebirdwriters

Hello all! Hope you’re well.

So, this week’s prompt from Julia’s Place  is.. “….I’m exhausted. Shut the door behind you….

100 word challenge

So, this week we have Limebird Beth, LimebirdKate and LimebirdLaura taking on the challenge. If you would like to have a go, then click the link to Julia’s place above and add your link! It’s great fun. 🙂



Rachel sat still, nervously glancing up at the clock every few seconds. He was due home two hours ago and every minute that passed made her certain she was making the right decision.

Suddenly the front door slammed open and she caught some slurred words. Walking towards him, she took a deep breath.

“This is it James. I can’t do this anymore, you have to go. I’m exhausted. Shut the door behind you when you leave.” She reeled out her practised words, trying not to stumble.

He stood silent for a few seconds, staring blankly. Then he calmly walked towards the front door and locked it shut.



It’s late and I’m not through.

I’m exhausted. Shut the door behind you.

Tonight I’m writing now.

Tomorrow I’ll come out, don’t have a cow.

If you keep talking, I can’t work.

No, you can’t sit here and lurk.

You have to go, leave me be.

Tomorrow I’ll be free

to do the tasks that you can’t handle.

Honestly, you’d think that writing’s a scandal

because you won’t let me write my book.

Now I’ve lost track of my hook.

Damn you! I’m gonna get you back, cur!

Ha! I’ll make you a character!

You wouldn’t leave my study?

Now you’re the murder victim, dead and bloody.



I stood up to stretch, and as I yawned I smacked my face to try to wake myself up.

From the radio by my bed, the announcer said, “Tonight on UFO Watch – 5 signs you are under an alien attack.”

I checked my windows for the 874th time to make sure they were locked. Drinking my coffee, I flopped back onto my bed content with my safety.

“Number Five: Unexplainable bright lights.”

I laid my head back, unable to stay awake.

In a daze I woke up to see an alien at the foot of my bed.

“I’m exhausted.” I sighed,  “Shut the door behind you.”

47 Responses to “100 Word Challenge – “I’m exhausted. Shut the door behind you””

  1. Ohh Kate, I always love your poems and this one is no exception! I really like that it’s writing related too. I’m very envious as I’ve never been a particularly talented poet.

    Laura, yours always have a bit of humour to them which I really like and this one made me laugh! 🙂

    Great job guys!

    • Thanks, Beth! As usual, I’m always fearing for your protag’s life! All that’s missing is the bloodcurdling scream at the end.

      Laura, I echo Beth–I found myself smiling right when I read the words “UFO Watch” and I didn’t stop smiling. Good work by everyone.

      • Thanks Kate! It’s always nice to know I’ve made someone smile 🙂
        I love the fun in your poem, if fun is the right word… I can definitely feel the pain there! I just hope the writer isn’t being literal and actually murdering…

      • Haha sorry Kate! I can’t seem to help it… Thanks!

    • Thank you 🙂 Glad I could make you chuckle!

    • Beth yours gave me chills. I think I took it in the way Sally did. Great job!

  2. Great work, ladies.
    Beth – I read this ominously as if he was locking the door but not leaving, about to do something bad like beat her, despite her having tried to make a stand against him – is this just my disturbed mind, or is that what you intended – chilling!
    Kate, was this a literal description of what was going on while you were trying to write this story?! Completely feel your frustration and love the little, ‘ha, I’ll get my own back’, at the end.
    Laura – this is so funny, I love it. On the surface it feels quite wry as the protagonist is clearly doing what they can to protect themselves, yet for some reason I still get a sense of an excited kid waiting for the attack, but then just being too exhausted to deal with it when it happens!

  3. So many charming takes on this prompt!

    Beth, yours was very chilling. Subtle, as would fit this moment of frightened confrontation, but it’s got impact. I like the little moment of her nearly stumbling over the words she’s obviously practiced hundreds of times in her head. There’s enough sadness in it, too, though; that right blend of conflict for the situation.
    Kate, I started reading yours in that tone of familiar frustration I get, too, when I’m trying to work…but, by the end, I was grinning to myself. I love the turnaround for the narrator, and her(? I’m assuming, here) resolution for the interruptions was a beautiful bit of payback. 😀
    And Laura, I really liked the determination of your protagonist, only to end with that blase dismissal when things finally come to pass. Am I reading too much into it, or is there also a hint of obsessive compulsion in there, as well? I could see someone taking such methodical precautions, preparing for fear or flight or fight, only to then find the unknown not nearly so scaray as originally thought.

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Laura, I would do what you did – incessantly check doors, windows – multiple times, and then just wait for whatever fate brings. I’d meet the miserable outcome not with alarm, but expectation.

    Beth, how many times have we practiced speeches, only to give them unconvincingly?

    Kate, I get the picture of someone who is keeping everything together because someone else cannot.


  5. Good, all! Aliens and drunks and murders, oh my!

  6. I very nice site indeed. You are a consummate writer to put it mildly. Nice to make your acquaintance.

  7. Great work ladies…Kate, Loved your poem!

  8. All three fascinating interpretations of the prompt. Beth, yours is scary enough to send shivers down my spine! Beth and Laura, I like your pieces too! Great entries, all of you!

  9. Excellent entries, as always! I shared Sally’s fears about Beth’s story. But I’m silently hoping he locked the door behind him as he left! And I’m also hoping Kate meant that murder figuratively rather than literally! Did your husband get to read this one!? 🙂 I can only wish I’d meet an alien with such aplomb as Laura did!

  10. So different, each one. Kate, your poetry continues to get better and better. Beth, that story was strong, and a powerful image filled my head and I do worry for her safety later. And Laura, man, I just love it. You know by now aliens are my weak spot, don’t you? And just imagine being sooo tired you don’t even care. (That’s how I feel when I think I’m being abducted ;P)

  11. I really enjoyed all three of these, so different and yet all from the same start point. Thankyou.

  12. Three very different but great takes on the prompt. I love the way the women succeed!


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