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May 1, 2012

Bossy Novel

by limebirdkate

I consider myself a multi-tasker. I am a stay-at-home mother of two who also juggles about 4-5 freelance jobs on any given day. I cook, clean, take care of three pets, tend to my mother (who still refuses to get a wheelchair) and my husband, volunteer work at the school. On a daily average, I make 12 trips back and forth between various places such as my house, school, my mom’s house, sports practices and/or games, art class, hip-hop, Girl Scouts, play dates, errands.

I feel like a cross between a Jedi and an RV.

But when it comes to my writing, I cannot work on more than one serious, ongoing project at a time. Sure, I can do the 100 WC each week, and I can write blog posts, and I can spew out a mediocre poem if crisis demands. But as far as managing more than one novel at the same time? Forget it.

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