100 Word Challenge – Ruby

by limebirdwriters

Hello all,

So if you’re not familiar with this, every Friday we take part in the 100 Word Challenges from Julia’s Place. Julia gives everyone a weekly prompt and you have to make a 100 word story from it. Everyone is welcome to take part, just head on over if you need some more information about how it all works.

So, this week’s prompt from Julia’s Place  is..  Ruby. This week we have myself and Limebirds Kate, Laura and Sally.

100 word challenge



Henry quickly pulled on his coat and headed to the flower shop. He didn’t want to be late today.

Reaching the counter, he requested 40 of their best red roses. The shop assistant smiled. “What a wonderful choice sir, are they for a special occasion?”

“Yes, it’s mine and my wife’s ruby wedding anniversary,” he replied.

Holding the flowers to his chest, he walked to where she would be, at her spot under the oak tree. When he reached her, he gently laid the roses on the grass next to her engraved tombstone, letting out a whisper, “I miss you.”



In the still of the night where the moon touches the capes of

mountains and the skeletal trees bow deep and brush the earth parched

from the silent storm,

flames crackle in the dusty valley, beckoning weary wanderers

strange and far to come to the fire dancing like a ruby

against the deep night, the dark night,

the deep, dark night.

Let it lick your face and bathe you in warmth and burn

away the tracks you made on the journey,

your resolve melting tightly like hot wax on flesh

until you can feel your pain no more my dear.



Ruby is the color of the Autumn sunrise
The blood that speeds inside of me when I see your eyes
Ruby is the color of the flowers in my hand
As you take my finger to slip on the wedding band
Ruby is the color lighting up my smile
When you take my hand to walk me up the aisle
Ruby is the color of petals on the floor
As we exit husband and wife through the church door
Ruby is the anniversary that I can’t wait to share
When we’re old and wrinkled with heads full of gray hair



I feel amazing!

Okay, so it’s cost me a week’s wages and that electricitybill isn’t going to get paid this month, but come on, it’s completely worth it! I catch my reflection in a shop window as my inconceivably shiny hair swooshes againstmy shoulders, a rich red glossy mane to reflect my name.

A white van man toots his horn and I give him a flirtatious smile.

Then, no way, I swear that gorgeous bloke in the estateagents is looking right at me! I catch his eye and smile as…


Who put that bloody lamppost there?


30 Comments to “100 Word Challenge – Ruby”

  1. Ohh you guys are so awesome!

    Kate – The imagery in here is amazing! I could almost hear the fire crackling and burning me! That’s when you know it’s good! Loved it.

    Laura – Aww I love this, it’s so sweet! I could completely imagine the couple here and I could feel the love coming through. You went the same kind of way as me! 🙂

    Sally – Haha, this made me laugh! I could picture this whole scenario which just made me laugh more because it’s definitely something that would happen to me. awesome.

    • Thank you! I wrote that for my stink head husband who of course made fun of such sappiness! We got married in the fall, and I had fall colors, like ruby and orange and things like that. The only difference is that we had pretty fall leaves instead of flower petals down the aisle.

  2. What awesome pieces everyone wrote this week–all so different. And I think another blogger mentioned this before, I think without the profile pics/names I could pick out who wrote what.

    Beth, I got choked up when I read yours. It was so touching, and so sad. I could really picture this man at his wife’s gravesite. Sniffle.
    Laura, is this the first poem you’ve ever done (except for the sonnet?) What an awesome job! I love how you used ruby as the overall theme and wove it throughout.
    Sally, yours made me laugh out loud. Serves her right! This is a great clip that belongs in a movie or television show. It’s just a brief glimpse of this character, but you do a bang-up job showing us what she’s all about.

    • Yeah I agree Kate, I think I could probably guess who wrote what too. Maybe one week, I’ll post them up without the pictures/names and see if people can guess for a bit of fun?

      Thank you, aww no sorry! I always seem to do ones that are a bit sad or scary, not sure why! Obviously have a strange mind. 🙂

    • Thank you 😀 I have written a lot of poems, but I don’t write them as often as I used to. I used to compile notebooks of them, when I was a teenager and in my early 20’s. I don’t know why I stopped writing them. I used to have a hard time sleeping in high school, so I’d lay up at night and write one after another until I could sleep again. Sometimes I would write with my sister’s dad, he was a musician so I’d write song lyrics for him.

  3. Beth! You went and made me tear up. How sweet and sad!
    Kate, once again I read your work and think “Why can’t I come up with words like that?!” Awesome job!
    Sally – I had a chuckle at this. I can see this happening…and to me..constantly! I can hardly walk and talk at the same time. Sometimes I’ll be standing straight up (and sober) and completely fall over!

  4. Wow! All great 100WCGU! Nobody is best this week — or everyone is! Beautiful, funny, sad, happy, strong, quiet words. Wow!

  5. Enjoyable, all. Pass the ice pack!

  6. Great entries by everyone. Beth, you had me tearing up at the poignancy of the image. Thank heaven for Sally’s great character study to leave me with a laugh! Kate, I, too, could feel that fire burning in the valley. And Laura’s imagery was so evocative of the happiness of a wedding day. Nice work, everyone!

  7. Agh, so much awesome! Your offerings always brighten my Fridays.

    Beth, I really enjoyed the quiet humility of yours. It’s a moment that I don’t look forward to living, myself, but it’s done with plenty of simplicity, here.

    Kate, your imagery always impresses me. The skeletal limbs of the tree evoke such pain. I get a sense of relief, but at a rather high cost….

    Laura, the feelings in that moment you describe are so wonderful! What I love most is how each bit made me smile, to think of my own love. 🙂

    Sally, I truly gave a laugh out loud for yours. I love strong women, women who aren’t afraid to use their sexuality, but so often that translates into femmes fatales. I adore how this turned around on her!

  8. Beth – awww, I love the gentle dignity and commitment in this piece.
    Kate – this totally had me, especially the lines, “Let it lick your face and bathe you in warmth and burn away the tracks you made on the journey.”
    Laura – so joyful and uplifting, lovin’ the different hues of ruby.
    Sally – haha, who hasn’t had a moment like that! Empowered and funny.

  9. Thank you all for reading and commenting. Great work ladies. I often think that we’d be able to instantly tell if we posted our stories without saying who they’re by – perhaps we should go one step further and try to write one in the style of each other!

  10. I just nominated you for two awards: Versatile Blogger and Beautiful Blogger! You don’t have to post them, I just wanted to share. http://wp.me/s2b2NZ-awards is the link to the post

  11. Just amazeballs, frankly. You ladies are just so intelligent and talented, my mind does backflips! Well jel x

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