100 Word Film Review – Wrath Of The Titans

by limebirdaaron

Welcome to the 100 word film reviews!  This week I will be reviewing Wrath Of The Titans, the sequel to ‘Clash of the Titans’. Enjoy!

Wrath Of The Titans

I enjoyed the previous film ‘Clash of the Titans’ but it left me feeling like there was something missing. This film promised to make up for that, but still didn’t give the wow factor I was hoping for. The action is pretty relentless and there’s plenty of amazing visuals in 3D, but not much more. I’m a massive fan of Greek mythology and wish they made more films like this, but even with all of the fight scenes and action I still somehow came out the cinema thinking “What actually happened” I’d watch this film again, but I wanted more.

7/10 Limes

Have you seen the film? What did you think?

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17 Responses to “100 Word Film Review – Wrath Of The Titans”

  1. I can’t entirely remember what happened in this film so it must have been awesome. 😛 I’m the same though, I really like anything to do with Greek mythology, but I agree that something was missing.

    • That’s what I thought. I enjoyed it while I was watching it, but when it finishes and you can’t really remember what happened if someone asks you, you know it must be lacking something

  2. Thanks for the review, Aaron! Now I know that I can wait for the DVD. 😉

    I’m a huge fan of Greek mythology, too. I think those stories (and their Norse and Japanese equivalents) are part of what made me want to tell stories of my own. The fact that ancient civilizations made up all of those stories to explain the world around them is truly amazing.

    • Glad I could help 🙂 I also like the scenery and the buildings too, it makes you wonder what it wouldn’t been like to have lived int those times. Obviously I realise there weren’t cyclops running around :p

  3. I have mixed feelings about this film. I like some of the actors but it got kinda out of hand. The money spent on it could feed Australia. I’m just saying.

  4. I love Greek mythology too. Don’t know why Hollywood insists on turning it into Terminator type movies. The political machinations and manipulations are far more riveting imho.

    • The big action movies tend to make more money and that’s what Hollywood is all about. Maybe you should get in there with your own script before someone else thinks of an original take on the genre. I’d like to see something new too.


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