Top Ten-Eleventy-Five!

by Neeks

The topic for today is: Mmm nah, I’m not going to tell you yet.  Here’s a hint though:  Apple.  Pilot Inspektor.  Fifi Trixibell.  Blanket.  My personal favorite, George Foreman (an American Professional Boxer) named all five of his sons ~ George Foreman.  Yes, yes we name our babies all sorts of odd and embarrassing things.  I hope I gave my daughter a   normal name, Olivia.  Now I understand that in some remote part of the world that moniker may well translate into a word for some vine-swinging-creature’s-ear-tufts but I kind of don’t think so.

That’s right, todays list: The Top Ten Eleventy Four Worst Book Names Ever.  Our books are our babies and I want your best Hollywood efforts now, so make me cringe!  Make me howl!  Make me shudder and cry while I read:

10)  Give Me Some Whiskey And A Throne

9)    The Best Little Un-Edited Nano Book Ever



24 Comments to “Top Ten-Eleventy-Five!”

  1. So many to choose from!

    How about “The Human Bat v The Robot Gangster” by Edward R Home-Gall

    Also: I was very angry when, at 4 years old, my mum was pregnant (and very round) and my suggestion for my new brother’s name was rejected. It would have been cool to have a brother named Humpty Dumpty!

    • What a great name for your brother, parents just have no clue do they? Hehehee, your book title was very good too, I made mine up. The things that come out of our minds, eh? LOL.

  2. Do you want REAL books, or is this a test of our imagination?

  3. How about: George Bush: Dark Prince of Love by Lydia Millet or Inside Grandad by Peter Dickinson?

    • LOL on the George Bush one, and eeek on the other! Hehehe, thanks for playing Lorna, your answers on these things always make me laugh.

  4. I’m not big on The Grapes of Wrath, but then I dislike Steinbeck in general. Another classic, Moby Dick, would make my list. Then again, Abbie Hoffman’s Steal This Book should find a place.

  5. I’m split on if think this is a bad title, or a good one, but it got my attention. It’s for a movie, “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter”

    I’m not finding my muse for ridiculousness, but I tried to think of the most unappealing titles I could and here’s what I got…

    Watching Paint Dry
    A Completely Average Life
    The Complete Tax Code – in Iambic Pentameter
    This Book is Boring

    As for a real book, this just came to mind, “Bingo Brown: Gipsy Lover” which is (according to the write-up on Amazon) supposedly for kids 8-12.

  6. All good titles Shannon, I think that tax code one got me, hehe. Watching paint dry is a good one too, liked them all 🙂

  7. LOL. It is funny. My manuscript went through 3 names before I settled on the current one. But I know when I get a publisher, they’ll probably change it. 🙂

    New Complete Guide to Sewing is a pretty unappealing title to me.

  8. HAHA For some reason this reminds me of what my husband calls every movie on Lifetime – “Boohoo the story of some lady”

  9. Love this post and the comments! Had me chuckling. How about “I am the Cheese” by Robert Cormier? I haven’t read the book, actually. :c} The movie (1983) is unusual, and I liked it.

  10. Well, now you’ve got me looking for bad titles. I don’t really have to look that far lol.

    • Hi Ansuyo, I’ve had some funny ones on my short stories, now that I think about it. Taken on their own without knowledge of the story some of them sound kinda stupid now…. “Mr. Knickerbocker’s to Jump at Five” stands out…LOL

  11. Great post, Neeks. One title which is totally dull, unimaginative, and a mouthful is ‘The Mercy of Thin Air.’
    *HOWEVER* it is one of the best books I have ever read. I would never have picked it up if it weren’t for the recommendation of a trusted friend. And if you can’t guess by the title, it’s sort of a ghost story.

    I had to laugh at Lorna’s suggestion of ‘George Bush, Dark Prince of Love.’ Say whaaat??? Of course, my own mother is in love with him and would snap up that book in a heartbeat…

    • Kate that actually sounds kind of interesting when you say it’s a ghost story, and that you liked it. I agree, the George Bush one was pretty funny!

  12. “Give Me Some Whiskey And A Throne” – I’m sure this is something I must have mumbled as a drunken drama student back in the day…

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