100 Word Challenge – Picture Prompt (Bones)

by limebirdwriters

Hello all! It’s 100 Word Challenge time! This week from Julia’s Place, the prompt is a picture prompt! (below).


It is of old bones. It’s an exhibit in the National Museum of Scotland in their ‘prehistoric’ section.


100 word challenge

So, last week someone mentioned that they thought they would be able to guess which Limebird had written which piece without seeing the names. So this week the posts are up without the names/pictures, and just for a bit of extra fun, please add in the comments which Limebird you think it might be. Unfortunately, only two Limebirds are taking part this week, but to make it harder, I’m not going to tell you which two! 🙂

Limebird 1

The bones were crunchy between her jaws. The taste gagged her, but the crunch mercifully obliterated the moaning of the dying ones.

Skreq prowled around the ancient spiked trees, a grove where Dwellers killed themselves in surrender.

“You’re slowing down, Dinah,” he taunted.

She whimpered in submission. Crunch went another bone.

“Find the worm, win freedom,” he said, slinking away.

Beside her, Dinah spied a worm-shadow inching through a bone in her sister’s pile. Thank YarEn; her sister would win freedom.

The worm-bone rolled towards Dinah. She stared in shock. Her sister smiled, then threw herself on the spiked trees.

Limebird 2

I know that it was wrong, but I’d had about enough,
This time I’d grown sick of trying to be tough,
Each day covered in bruises, beat from head to toe,
I knew soon it’d be my time to go,
Your hands reached to me for the very last time,
I wouldn’t take it anymore, the power was mine,
Reaching back, my hands grabbed the first thing they found,
It hit you between the eyes, your body slumped to the ground,
So, the bones of you lay beneath my floor, where they won’t be found.

17 Responses to “100 Word Challenge – Picture Prompt (Bones)”

  1. Oh, no. I’m the first one to brave a comment! I’ll make my guesses. But it wouldn’t surprise me if you all decided to mix things up and “swap styles”!!

    The first one reminds me of LimebirdDennis or LimebirdLaura. The poetry definitely sounds like LimebirdKate.

    They’re both excellent, whichever of you wrote them! And whoever said last week that s/he could tell even without a name better chime in this week! 🙂

  2. Haha, I think I mentioned that I could probably tell who wrote what without a name, but I don’t think it’d be fair if I played! 🙂 That’s all I can say for now…

  3. Limebirdbeth is number 1, and LimebirdLaura? Both great submissions; the first is a little creepy, which, I’m sorry to say, identifies you quite easily, I think. Can’t wait to hear!

  4. Owh, my original guesses were told I am wrong! So I think the first is limebirdcharlotte and second is limebirdcat!


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