100 Word Film Review – Marvel’s Avengers Assemble

by limebirdaaron

This week’s 100 Word Film Review is the highly anticipated Marvel’s Avengers Assemble!

I was worried this film would be a let down and that the director would rely on the fact that he has
a load of superheros and think that’s job done. In reality this means that they all have to be made
necessary for the plot and have to be able to interact with each other. This is done really well, and
there’s a lot of comical interaction between the characters. The action is by far the best in any
Marvel film to date. The only down side is can they repeat this success for the other stand alone

9/10 Limes

Have you seen the film? What did you think?

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17 Responses to “100 Word Film Review – Marvel’s Avengers Assemble”

  1. I LOVED this film! Really was nervous that it wouldn’t be good, because of waiting so long, but it was awesome. So many bits that made me laugh as well. Loved it, would highly recommend.

  2. I haven’t seen this. I can imagine it is the type of film that I wouldn’t particularly fancy watching, but would get dragged along to by my son and end up loving!

  3. This was amazing! But we only stayed for one of the scenes at the end because we didn’t realise there were two 😦 I’m putting it all down to Joss Whedon, the man is a genius!

  4. I loved it! We only stayed thru one extra scene too because we didn’t realize there was another 😦 I’m with Ster, Joss Whedon is a genius!

  5. I saw the movie and loved it. I was a kid in the 1960’s with three brothers who were Marvel superhero fans. We would create our own comic books using Marvel comics as templates. So, these movies are a flashback to our childhood. On opening weekend I went with my brother (he has a huge comic book collection from the sixties and on), son, and nephew to see it in 3-D. Too much fun. I think the upcoming standalone movies will be successful but not at the same level as The Avengers. Can’t wait to see all of them!

    • I’m glad to hear you enjoyed it. I read some of the comics when I was younger, but not a massive amount. I used to like watching the cartoons more. I agree with you that the standalone movies will still be successfull and I’m sure I’ll enjoy them. I have a feeling I’ll be left wanting more after seeing the Avengers


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