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May 14, 2012

Finding Your Writing Groove

by limebirdkate

Sometimes we have to take a break from writing. And by break I mean longer than a day. IMO, skipping a day of writing is a form of a ‘break’ as I believe in the importance of writing every day—no matter if you only squeeze in 15 minutes, no matter if your material is dreadful. It still counts.

When I miss out on writing for a day, I lose my rhythm, I lose that groove. My ideas abandon me, scenes fade, imagery dims, my characters pack up and move out. When I finally do get back to my nether world, I’m removed from the action, and it takes me a long time to be a part of it again.

This conundrum is about reconnecting to your imagination. Similar to going away on vacation, then trying to get back into the workplace or household mindset—writers are bound to have trouble if they don’t nurture their imaginations on a regular basis.

There are a few things I do to help me restore my writing, and ultimately my imagination. I use these fulfillments when I miss one, four, eighty-six, or 1,825 days.

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