by limebirdwriters

Huzzzzzzaaaaah, it’s Friiiidddaaaaayyyy! It’s 100 word challenge time. So basically every Friday, we take the prompt from Julia’s Place and write the 100 word stories with it.

This week the prompt is:

You are to write a 100 word piece with these words in it:  LIBERTY    EMPIRE    APPLE    YELLOW    ENORMOUS

100 word challenge

In last week’s challenge, we added a bit of fun into it and didn’t add the names of the Limebirds who wrote the piece, and asked you to guess. Well, the answers were…. dum dum dum… Limebird1 was LimebirdKate and Limebird2 was me! Did anyone guess it correctly? 🙂

Anyways, that was fun, so I’m going to do it for one more week, because we have more Limebirds. However, this week, I’ll let you know who we have taking part! So, you can choose from LimebirdAmber, LimebirdBeth, LimebirdKate, LimebirdLaura and LimebirdVanessa. I’m the only one who knows who is who, so other Limebirds, please feel free to take part! 🙂 If you don’t want to guess, then don’t worry about it, we would love to get some comments on each piece! Thanks!

Limebird 1

It was said by all who knew her, that Liberty Jane was a young woman of enormous potential. She looked upon everyone and everything as if they were part of her empire. Nobody questioned her assumed ownership. Like eager students bringing a shiny apple to the teacher, they relished every opportunity to please her.

It was a glorious August morning when everything changed. The sun seemed a brighter yellow than usual as Liberty Jane left her house. Perhaps that’s why she couldn’t see the look in his eyes as he ran towards her. Such a shame. She had such potential.

Limebird 2

Reaching the edge of the city, Liberty stepped towards the line that separated her small township and the boundaries they were forbidden to cross.

The enormous weight of what she needed to do on her shoulders, but she knew that her family was at risk because of her defiance yesterday at the harvest against a guard of the empire.

Earlier that evening, she had packed her bag, a red apple and her teddy, whose head poked out the top. Her yellow dress blowing behind her in the wind, she stepped over the line, trying to stop her legs shaking.

Limebird 3

I won’t fight for them anymore

They lie about liberty and justice

My life is a joke, my body is sore

From marching fields yellow with sickness.

My hope has run out, my insides have rotted

As if a worm sucked me dry like a ravaged apple

I can’t follow an empire who has plotted

And murdered innocents in schools, a chapel.

My disgust and shame for all I’ve done runs deep

An enormous burden I can’t handle

I watch them march up a hill so steep

and I push the button, lighting them up like a candle.

Limebird 4

The streets of New York are scary. The Big Apple has fallen. The American empire is no more. The yellow-haired men landed…gosh…has it only been 6 weeks? Their enormous ship landed on top of the Statue of Liberty. That was the first sign that America was no longer under our control. No one knows where they came from, they don’t speak our tongue. Most people have taken to the subways, trying to stay as far underground as they can get. I’m writing this journal today in hopes that someday someone can make sense of this. Oh no,I hear footste—-

Limebird 5

The empire… what can I say about it? They outlawed romantic love, of all things. The one emotion that gives us the most liberty, taken away. I sort-of understood the reasoning when momma explained it to me. She said the enormous responsibility of love couldn’t be understood by us, because even Eve ate the apple. I looked towards the sun, bright and yellow. I wished I could know what love was, I barely knew what it meant. Well, romantic love. The love that the outlawed books talked about. I stopped thinking about that though; my husband walked through the door.


23 Responses to “100 Word Challenge – LIBERTY EMPIRE APPLE YELLOW ENORMOUS”

  1. Obviously I know who wrote what, so I’m not going to give it away, but I loved all of these this week. Great job guys! 😀

  2. Well of course if I was to guess at the other four, then it would be obvious which was mine, so I shall refrain from guessing for now! I will just comment though – interestingly, don’t 1 and 2 sound like they could have been written by the same person?

    • Haha, yeah I thought that after I wrote it… D’oh! However, please email me with your answers, I’d be really interested to hear your guesses! 😀

      Yes, you’re right! Both very talented writers I would imagine 😉

  3. Wow, what a talented crew at Limebird. I’m blown away by how unique each piece is. 🙂

  4. Agh, I should have guessed last time! 😉

    I liked all of the different takes on the theme, especially the varied use of liberty as both a concept and a name (I hadn’t considered that). Their differences show how freely imaginations can run with an idea, though, all the better to have so many to read!

    Limebird 1: Vanessa, maybe? I liked the turnaround from paragraph 1 to 2, here: a description of Liberty Jane’s potential, followed by a crushing of that. The speaker almost feels like the man rushing in at the end. A bit sad, perhaps, if unavoidable.

    Limebird 2: I’m thinking Beth did this one. I enjoyed Liberty’s choices, but most of all, I liked her youth, revealed in that last paragraph. It made me read the whole thing over again, to try and pick up and more of the subtleties of what she’d done.

    Limebird 3: The form is a bit of a hint, but the imagery and voice reads most like Kate. Lots of very evocative, very serious feelings in this one. I like the resolve of the speaker, though. Sounds like a soldier who’s seen – and done – too much, and isn’t going to take it any longer.

    Limebird 4: Reads like Laura, to me. I like the conversational tone of the voice, especially the “gosh” – that made me chuckle! Nice journalistic approach, too. That last line is a nailbiter! 🙂

    Limebird 5: Is this Amber? The first take on romantic love, though the speaker’s aloofness makes the whole thing as sad as the others. The little glimpse into her life at the end really made me feel for her. (To have a husband without love? That’s a shame.)

    Such thoughtful stories from all! Thanks for posting!

  5. I enjoyed them all and think they’re all very well done. But I’ll leave the quizzing to others this week. 🙂

  6. Another great read, each and every one! As to who did them I have no idea, but I enjoyed them all. So much talent!

  7. I feel like I can’t compete, so not fair! *Limebirdamber

  8. Oo good job everyone! And I see a typo in mine… lol whoops!
    These are all really good, I always read the others and think “Gosh darnit why didn’t I think of that!?” hehe

  9. What a great slate of entries! I’m not even going to try to identify them — I failed miserably last time. But I love them all!


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