100 Word Challenge – ‘The flame flickered before..’

by limebirdwriters

Apologies for my delay today, I was away from a computer! But… it’s nearly the weekend, oh yeah! So, last week, I asked if you could guess which Limebird wrote what post and the answers are…..

1) Vanessa

2) Beth

3) Kate

4) Laura

5) Amber

Did anyone guess it? Anyways, I’m not doing that again because we seemed to get less reponses than normal, so I’m guessing people aren’t massive fans of the guessing game! Oopsies. I digress! The prompt this week from Julia’s Place was .. ‘the flame flickered before’.. I have to apologise now for my efforts, because I forgot I hadn’t written one and I just did mine in about 3 minutes prior to posting this up, so sorry about this, most definitely not my best work! Apart from that, we have some lovely amazing pieces from Limebirds Vanessa, Neeks, Laura and Kate! Enjoy!

100 word challenge


I clasped your hand tightly as we walked slowly forwards together. Do you remember that Dad? How tightly I held your hand? I’m sure it must have hurt but I don’t think you noticed. You looked so proud. I’ll never forget that. How proud you looked. I had insisted on one candle at the front instead of flowers. I always loved candles. I was mesmerised by it as we walked. The flame flickered before you let go of my hand. And then I didn’t hear anything until he said “Who gives this woman to be married to this man?”. Thank you Dad, for everything.


The flame flickered before it went out, ever so slightly. An agonized scream came after the darkness descended upon the room, a scream that scraped the skin cells off the throat and reached down with talons to claw the soul.

It ended soon enough, with a gurgle and a cough.  A wet plopping sound came a second later.  Always the wet plop after.  I have no illlusions, plenty of nightmares.  It’s a liver, or a heart or a kidney.   Something that really shouldn’t be outside the human body.

I sit in a dark corner and watch my candle.  I think I feel a  breeze.


Years passed. I can’t tell you

my memory shot, details few.

The storm preys,

wind whips, rain sprays.

My feet sink in soot like sand on shore.

I stare at the pit where the flame flickered before.

It’s gone, never coming back

never coming back.

If I claimed that I tried

to save the ones I left behind,

that I rushed through a door swallowed by fire–

I didn’t. I left, a coward, a liar.

My courage melted along with our home.

Filled with disgust I now roam.

A shell of a man

who abandoned his family as he ran.


The flame flickered before the last fire on Earth died. Flying low over the planet, sinister smiles spread over The Grays faces as they silently observed the chaos ending. Their reign of invisible terror finally paid off. Turning off all stealth, they made a grand entrance onto their new home planet. Signals flew in unnumbered directions back to Andromeda, alerting what few brethren remained at the home base.

Pompously landing with cheers of victory, they spread like wildfire across Earth. For the first time in hundreds of years they let their guard down. That’s why they didn’t see the first counter attack, from underground.


This familiar room seems cold and strange,

These four walls my prison, no time to rearrange.

My heart is aching, it’s breaking fast,

My smile is forced again, fixed like a mask.

My hands are shaking, I’m taking my time,

Memories of the past stuck, from when you were mine.

Clinking and half empty, fingers wrapped round the glass,

Tablets in the other hand, to help me exit fast.

I breathe deep again, lay them on my tongue,

Drink fast, close my eyes, it has begun.

Letter written, masking my shame,

The flame flickered before, but then the darkness came.


21 Responses to “100 Word Challenge – ‘The flame flickered before..’”

  1. Wow, what a range of interpretations of the prompt! Someday I might have the time to try some of these challenges…. 🙂

  2. Beth, you do pretty well with last minute stuff! Laura and Kate, these were wonderful and Vanessa, yours was really touching!

  3. Vanessa, so touching! I love it.
    Neeks you’re a woman after my own heart with this creepy horror. Very powerful!
    Kate, so powerful. You should really compile your poems some day, they are always great!
    Beth, you could have fooled me. No way you came up with that in 3 minutes!

  4. It’s really interesting seeing the different interpretations that everyone comes up with isn’t it. I loved all of them, I really did (I’m speaking of the other four of course, not my own!).

  5. Wow! Vanessa, Beth, and Kate, all poignant and very well crafted poetry. Neeks, I like it, but sometimes you scare me just a little. 😎 And Laura, you get my number one vote this week — I want to read the whole novel! Great job, everyone!

  6. Good stuff all, well done. Short pieces can be a real challenge.


  7. Haha, I always cry at weddings! Got me again. I think I cried my eyes out. I heard a wet plop. These are all good.

  8. Great job everyone. Beth, I agree with everyone else–you glow under pressure! Vanessa, yours was sweet while Neeks’s was bone-chilling. Laura, I always love your sci-fi/alien take on these challenges!

    • Thank you! I don’t know why I seem to have aliens on the mind lately. Sometimes I’ll think on these prompts all week and come pretty much to the last minute and know I’ll have to write something when I wake up before work or Beth will descend upon me in a fiery flame of rage (ok… that might be a teensie bit of an exaggeration) Anywho, basically I got to bed with it on my mind and during that weird moment of the morning where you’re kind of awake but not really an idea will hit me. Maybe the aliens are abducting me as I sleep and injecting my brain with these ideas!


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