100 Word Challenge – Royal Jubilee Styleeeee

by limebirdwriters

Hi all,

Apologies for the delay today! I have been at my 8 year old brother’s birthday party! Which also means that I haven’t had time to whip up a 100 word story this week. However, do not fear! You have some AWESOME pieces ahead of you courtesy of Limebirds Kate, Laura, Neeks and Vanessa. As usual, we take the prompt from Julia’s Place every week and concuct our 100 word pieces from it. This week the prompt has a royal theme, as this weekend in the UK we are celebrating the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee of 60 years on the throne. So, it had to be a poem celebrating any form of 60 years. Enjoy!

100 word challenge


sixty years

no more

dredging up the ghost

sixty years gone and bitter

winds sweep through

shut doors you

respect no more

years ago I wanted you back now you’re back

you won’t back down back away

you demand more

I have no more to give

the kids are grown with kids of their own

you want in they want out

you creep in anyway dump out the good

leave the bad

withered husks

I’m over your legacy

under you no more

flourishing in the shadow

of someone else

who knew nothing of what you really are

now they know and want you no more


The images are black and white
Where the world saw you laugh, love and fight.
Your face lit up the silver screen
Images of a beauty queen.
Diamond studs and exotic threads,
a golden tiara upon your head.
The glamourous life held you high
But suddenly the world has gone by
Sixty years have come to pass
But your legacy just couldn’t last.
Now your images have faded away
A relic from a different day.
The young don’t recognize your name
The golden age recalls your fame.
A time that you are no longer known,
Now another sits upon your throne


Bargain Hunting

Baby shoes for sale, slightly worn.
A walker and Johnny-Jump-Up.
A couple of bottles and bibs and things.
The crib served them well.

A toddlers bed, a Batman suit,
and an Elmo Tickle Me doll.
A G.I. Joe, some die cast metal cars.
Children’s and teenager’s clothes,
Torn jeans and wrinkled T-shirts.

Next to these a broken answering machine,
A dial phone, old LP’s and cassettes.
A rusty license plate and a pair of binoculars.
An old bench and set of weights.

In the back with his brown fedora,
His walker and seersucker suit.
The owner wrangles for bargains,
Selling memories for pennies.


On that day in fifty-two
There wasn’t anyone who knew
Quite how long the reign would last
That sixty years would come to pass

The white gloved hand has waved its way
Through six decades of night and day
With crown on head and smile serene
Elizabeth has been our Queen

On this day in twenty-twelve
Our other plans we have to shelve
With cakes and bunting everywhere
A time of joy for all to share

A diamond never fades or dies
A monarch rules through lows and highs
A diamond jubilee therefore
Is marked in time for ever more

15 Comments to “100 Word Challenge – Royal Jubilee Styleeeee”

  1. Wow, I’m left with a rather melancholy feeling after reading Kate’s, Laura’s and Neeks’s entries. Vanessa’s poem is just as thought-provoking—just not as somber as the others!

    Maybe there’s just something about the passage of time that evokes more reflective thoughts….

    • I actually intended mine to be much more reflective about the passing of time, and not quite so jolly and patriotic, but it ended up going in the direction it did so I let it! I noticed that Laura and I have one line almost identical to each others – I have ‘That sixty years would come to pass’ and Laura has ‘Sixty years have come to pass’. If found this one much more challenging than the other two I’ve done I must say.

    • Hey JM, this was a sad piece to write but also satisfying in a strange way. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Great stuff here, girls.

    Vanessa, you are a poet! I think you should send this to Buckingham at once (or wherever the Queen might be hanging out) and demand that it be read aloud in her honor.

    Neeks, this is such a tragic piece, but I can picture all of it so clearly–which makes it even more poignant.

    Laura, this is such a far cry from your aliens, lol. I think you have shown us an extension of your talent by writing such a down-to-earth (no pun intended) piece.

    I loved them all 🙂

    • Thanks Kate! I wasn’t really sure what the jubilee was all about, but it got me thinking on what pretty much passes as royalty in America – actors and actresses!

  3. Kate, another great piece. Laura, I love the rich old Hollywood images your poem brought to mind. Vanessa, loved this one. GREAT lines – “The white gloved hand has waved its way through six decades of night and day.” All of these are great!
    Yes JM, I think you’re right. The more we’ve experienced the more we have to remember (and the older we are the longer it takes us to do it! LOL).

  4. Each so different, and each powerful in its own right. Nice words from the Limebirds!

  5. Meant to say – love what the others did! 🙂

  6. JM has a point, we all got a bit sad on this one! I love them all though, great job everyone 🙂

  7. I love all your pieces guys! You never fail to amaze me at how awesome you are!

  8. I love the variety that we always get with your pieces despite you all having the same prompt. It is such a great read. Thank you all for taking up this Jubilee challenge!

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