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June 4, 2012

Whose bright idea was that?

by limebirdvanessa

Following on from my post about the tendency some of us have to hold back our very best ideas for fear of wasting them, What’s the big idea? I’ve been thinking about what the value actually is of an idea, and whether there is such thing as a completely original idea; we are told there isn’t, but I’m not sure we really believe that. As writers, we strive for originality, and of course we shouldn’t stop striving for that, but perhaps we should worry less about the actual idea being completely original. There is nothing wrong with recycling an old idea by putting a new and original spin on it; Hollywood does it all the time. In reality, the actual idea usually has very little value. You can’t copyright an idea, or you certainly can’t in the UK. But wherever you are, it’s really what you do with the idea that gives it value.

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