100 Word Film Review – Dark Shadows

by limebirdaaron

This week’s 100 Word Film Review is Dark Shadows.


Johnny Depp
Michelle Pfeiffer
Helena Bonham Carter
Eva Green
Jackie Earle Haley
Jonny Lee Miller
Chloë Grace Moretz

I’m a big Jonny Depp fan and from the trailers I was expecting this film to be one of his familiar comically crazy roles. This was definitely crazy, but it lacked the usual humour which you’d expect. I think the film itself was confused over what it was trying to achieve. There weren’t enough jokes to make it a comedy, too many jokes to make it really dark, and some of the darker scenes were too graphic and adult for kids. Overall the film was a bit flat and didn’t really deliver in any department. A bit of a disappointment.

6/10 Limes

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13 Responses to “100 Word Film Review – Dark Shadows”

  1. Hmm…we were supposed to go see this last weekend but that didn’t pan out. I really do love Johnny Depp (even as Sweeney Todd and that movie was.. . yeah.) so I’ll likely enjoy it just for the Depp factor. I have to admit, when I first saw they were making it, I thought it would be more faithful to the original series. Silly girl.

  2. I remember the original series being on tv, my mom wouldn’t let me watch because it gave me nightmares!

  3. I was excited to see it when I first saw the trailer, then I started reading reviews after it came out and decided to just wait until I could rent the video. Seems like no one was really as thrilled with it as it seemed they would be. I love Johnny Depp too, and Tim Burton.


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