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June 12, 2012

Useful Tools For Writers

by Neeks

There are many things that new authors have to overcome these days to publish their work.  While it’s easier than ever to get published electronically, you still need to have a polished product to deliver or no one will be coming back for seconds.   As someone with no formal training after high school (which was 3760 years ago) I have a problem, and I’ll bet some of you do too – a lack of editing expertise.  I don’t even have a beta reader.   No, there aren’t any writing groups in my town either.   What’s an aspiring author to do?

I found a website which will proofread your paper.  Check it out here.  Go ahead and click on it, we’ll walk through it together.  Aha, gotcha!  Aww hey, didn’t your Dad ever ask you to pull his finger?

Seriously though, the site is real and the link is here:  Paper Rater provides (free of charge), a grammar and spelling check, plagiarism detection and even gives writing tips.  It’s not a substitute for rewrites and editing of course, but it can nevertheless be a great little tool.

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