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June 14, 2012

Summer Writing-Survivor Style

by limebirdkate

Summer is almost here. One more week, and my kids will be out of school and the pandemonium of the school-year will give way to a newer, deadlier reign of chaos. Of this I am sure. I have been through eight summers of motherhood, and each summer I was dragged across the coals in surrender.

But this time, this time, I’m going to beat them!

This summer, I want to enhance my writing routine. But this means I need more writing time. How to do that with kids at home? Some of us cannot afford to send our children to boot…er, day camp all summer long. Some of us have kids who are too old for naps. This means the kids are by our sides. A lot. This means we have to be creative. Heck, we’re writers. We can be creative! Can’t we?

To be creative enough to outsmart your children, you need to do a little planning and prepping. Nothing strenuous, of course, because we need to save our energy for our writing.

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