100 Word Stories – ” There’s a Real Buzz About this Place “

by limebirdwriters

This week’s prompt that we got from Julia’s Place is ” There’s a Real Buzz About This Place”

100 word challenge

If you would like to take part, then head over to her website to get the rules! 🙂 This week we have myself, LimebirdKate and LimebirdVanessa taking part.


The bumpy bus journey made me immediately regret going out last night with the lads. I’d promised to only have a couple but we were out until 4am. Finally at our destination, me and Jen entered the swanky gallery and took our seats, palms sweating and heart pounding.

“There’s a real buzz about this place. Can you feel it Seb?” I could feel my eyes dropping as I sunk deeper into the plush chairs.

“Yeah, sure. “

“Did you hear what I said?”

Suddenly. Oh please no. I couldn’t stop it. It was too late, I had projectile vomited onto the lady in front.


A showdown occurred between a rolling-pin wielding housewife and a chef who’d had too much to drink yesterday morning, sources say. The two hot-tempered women came to blows over a pastry recipe which has made Lazy Daisy’s the hit of the town. But according to Esmerelda of Sweetcakes Inc., that bun recipe is hers.

“That floozy seduced my man,” Esmerelda stated. “She shaved his back for the recipe.” According to Esmerelda’s sister, Constantina, the husband suffers from a genetic disorder causing excessive hair growth.

“My brother-in-law would do anything for a shave,” Constantina said. “Even hand over Essie’s prize buns.”


If you had the chance to literally get inside your own head, would you take it? Scientists at the National Thought Research Laboratory in Scotland have developed a robotic cell that is injected into the blood and is programmed to find its way to the brain. From there it transmits the brain’s thoughts to a recipient computer at the rate of 2000 thoughts per second, for five days, before safely disintegrating. I agreed to be their guinea pig, and after seeing my downloaded thought results, all I can say is that the inside of my head is one buzzing place!


14 Comments to “100 Word Stories – ” There’s a Real Buzz About this Place “”

  1. Great pieces, Beth & Vanessa. Beth, yours was very funny. I love the ending, it was the perfect wrap-up. Vanessa, very creative and it made me really consider such a project, what if something like that could happen?!

  2. Haha! I don’t know about the other two, but I found it very difficult this week! My first thought was to write something about the inside of a beehive, but then I figured others might have the same idea because it’s a fairly obvious choice if you’re thinking about the word ‘buzz’! Great work Beth and Kate, they both made me laugh!

  3. No, I also found this pretty tricky this week. I wrote it just before posting, and I’m REALLY tired today, so I found it harder than I might have done normally! haha.

    Kate – Yours made me giggle, esp the back shaving for some reason. I’m such a kid. Great job, love your stories.

    Vanessa – This is kinda creepy if you think about it! Great idea though.. I wonder if it’ll happen in the future?

  4. Mike Gallier put on the protective suit that always hung ready by the door. It would protect him to a point, but he knew that his best protection was experience. By now he knew the times of day when they were least dangerous, had learned how to approach them without provoking an all-out attack. He grabbed the gun and opened the door.

    He could see them at the bottom of the path as he readied the gun. It was already smoking. He smiled to himself. “There’s a real buzz to the place,” he thought as he approached the new bee-hive.

  5. Thanks, Beth – but maybe a bit too obvious.

  6. Nice work ladies! Beth….. ew! haha. How mortifying. Kate, so funny, and I love the names! Vanessa… oh that’s an interesting thought! I’m not sure I’d want to go through that…although on the plus side maybe if I did I’d remember more things!

  7. I enjoyed all three of these, and none were obvious to me. The back shaving was funny, and the projectile vomiting, cool idea Vanessa, very sci-fi!

  8. Well, difficulties or not, I think you all did a great job. These are all a fun way to wind down my day. 🙂

  9. Nice ones – all 3 of you! So much talent here!

  10. All three of these made me giggle. I liked the opening of Beth’s a lot; it reminded me of a travelogue story – only getting the “good” bits from a pair of lads. 😉 The recipe conflict in Kate’s was a hoot, too! I liked the interview style you went with for the reports. And Vanessa’s had a very Scientific American feel to it…until the end, which made me grin. Always nice to see a piece that is straight-up on the surface turn into something surprising.

    Very nice work this week, Limebirds! You were braver than I! 😀

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