100 Word Stories – … in the dark recess of my mind ..

by limebirdwriters

Hello all and a very happy Friday! As always on a Friday, we take part in the 100 word story challenges set by Julia’s Place. How it works is that Julia gives out a prompt every week and anyone is welcome to come and try to write a 1o0 word story/poem etc with it. This week the prompt is ” … in the dark recess of my mind ..” and you are allowed 107 words (so, this includes the prompt).

If you fancy taking part, then there’s more information at the bottom! We would love to see your 100 word stories! This week, we have myself and Limebirds Laura, Neeks and Vanessa taking part.

100 word challenge


In the dark recess of my mind a dragon lies, curling fire around its tongue, waiting to pounce. Breathing softly, but angry, fierce, unforgiving, still and waiting for the right moment to unleash.  To breathe its fiery inferno upon its victim, the ones who insist on waking the beast. Those who taunt me believe me to be weak, but unbeknownst to them, I am a rippling pool of water hiding the darkness underneath. Waves of injustice have hit me for so long; I do not want to waste the beast on the wrong opportunity.

Until then, I smile sweetly and wait for the right moment to strike.


In the dark recess of my mind

I hide away what’s left behind

The world moved on from that time

Of the young and mostly blind

I steal away shadowed glances

Scattered dreams and risky chances

Holding hands with midnight dances

Biding time until it passes

Down the path wonders lie

In darkened corners lovers cry

Sinister smirks from passers by

Too afraid to be high

In the dark the moon shines bright

The stars command us to take flight

They streak by windows driving at night

Cowering away from the fright

A small child amazed at what she finds

In the dark recess of my mind


I forgot to get dog food at the store this week.  I can’t remember to bring a lunch to work with me.  Have I always been this forgetful?  I think so, I can’t remember.  Maybe I just didn’t used to mind as much.

The little girl that brings the mail around at the office, what’s her name?  She’s new…surely somewhere in the dark recess of my mind I can dig her name out of whatever hole I’ve buried it in…  Where do names go when we lose them?

I think they disconnect themselves from their owner’s faces and go frolic with the extra socks from the laundry.


Somewhere, in the dark recess of my mind, it started. It was very tiny at first. I barely noticed it. But then it grew, just a little. Then it grew some more. Finally it presented itself so prominently I could no longer ignore it.

“I’ve got it!” I shrieked.

Morris, my large ginger tom, raised his head with a look of sleepy irritation.

“Morris, I have a solution! I knew it was in there somewhere”. I tapped my head enthusiastically. “My hundred word story this week shall be about someone writing a hundred word story. What do you think of this Morris – ‘Somewhere, in the dark recess…’”.


Would you like to have a go at a 100 word story? Well, head on over to Julia’s Place for the rules and either add your offering in the comments, or do your own post, but don’t forget to either link back to us or let us know in the comments so we can come and read! 


33 Comments to “100 Word Stories – … in the dark recess of my mind ..”

  1. I haven’t commented in awhile, but I always enjoy reading these. Here were my firsts impressions:
    Beth – ooh I wouldn’t want to wake the beast; love the imagery
    Laura – nice rhythm and rhyme; flows well especially when read aloud
    Neeks – brought a smile to my face, especially the line “where do names go when we lose them?”
    Vanesssa – how meta!

  2. As I first sat down on the couch, it felt brand new since it was too firm to the touch. How could I lay down on it and tell my darkest secrets.
    The psychiatrist seemed to have read my body language. “Yes, it’s new. You’ll be one of the newest patients to break it in.”
    I looked into the psychiatrist’s eyes. I couldn’t see much because there were opaque window treatments that prevented me to see inside this emotionless old man. For myself, I looked in the dark recess of my mind. With a smile, I slowly asked, “What would your mother say about that, Dr. Freud?”

  3. Very well done, as always! I’ll do my best to stay away from Beth’s beast, and I thought Vanessa’s was a fun twist on the prompt! Reading Neeks’s, it’s nice to see others forget things, too, and Laura’s imagery is really evocative.

  4. Enjoyed the exercise! I posted an entry on my blog and linked it to Julia’s site. http://www.jilannehoffmann.com

  5. Love your responses. It’s interesting to see how many different paths can be taken, all prompted by a fistful of words. Thanks for linking to this exercise.

  6. This is intriguing. I’m going to give it a go. I know I can manage 100 words, even when I don’t feel like writing…

  7. Four individuals, four fascinating entries. You limebirds got it going on!

  8. Beth – Loved your imagery: magical but frightening. I think we all have a dragon lurking within.
    Laura – It took a second readthrough to gather up all of those feelings, that mix of melancholy, fear, and nostalgia. But I got a sense of hope, too, like a glimmer of discovery.
    Neeks – I gave a chuckle at those timeless questions you bring up (what about those socks?). Nice work with taking that somewhat dark prompt and crafting something lighter. 🙂
    Vanessa – Very “meta!” I was reminded very much of a brain overworked, like this old Muppets sketch for “Windmills of Your Mind” (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xu_6hdGZ6gU). Haven’t we all had days like that? 😀

    Lovely work, Limebirds! Thanks for sharing!

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