100 Word Stories

by limebirdwriters

As it’s Friday, the Limebirds take part in the 100 word story challenges set by Julia’s Place.

So, every week Julia will give a prompt and the challenge is to write a story in 100 words using that prompt!  This week the prompt is  a bit topical, as we just had Wimbledon ( a big tennis competition) in the UK. ….Murray was just about to serve for the Championship when… For context – Andy Murray is a British tennis player and got to the final.  If you would like to have a go, scroll down to the bottom for more information.

100 word challenge

This week we have Limebirds Amber, Kate and Vanessa brave enough to take on the challenge.


“Grah!” Alice collapsed onto the couch and glared at the tv. She grabbed the remote and changed the channel to anything other than tennis.

“Alice!” her sister snapped. “Murray was just about to serve for the Championship when you did that, now how will I know what happens?”

“The only reason you’re suddenly into tennis is because of that new Brit down the road, Annie.”

Annie blushed. “No way, it’s a totally real sport.”

Alice rolled her eyes and stared Annie. “Do you even know his name yet?”

Annie looked away.

Changing back to tennis, Alice smiled and shook her head, “It’s John.”


Murray was just about to serve for the Championship when the lights went out. Murray couldn’t see anything. He crawled until he felt cold air seeping under the door. He drew back his fingers. The Leaders had arrived. He was too late. Now the only way he could serve was if he competed against Black Thorn, the only other person who could translate the scrolls. Murray chewed his lip anxiously. The competition promised to be deadly, and Black Thorn never held back from deadly. But Black Thorn was a problem in more than one way. Black Thorn was his daughter.


I blame Ratatouille. Not the French vegetable dish, but the Disney film. That’s when it started you see. Murray the mouse watched Ratatouille and decided that if a rat could cook then so could a mouse. This led Murray to enter the ‘All Species Cooking Championship’.

The final round of the Championship arrived. Murray had made Cheese Pie. It was between Murray the mouse and Cecil the cat. The judges sat waiting to be served. Murray was just about to serve for the Championship, when Cecil smashed him round the head with a pan, stuffed an apple in his mouth and served him up as Mouse Surprise. I blame Ratatouille.

Would you like to have a go at a 100 word story? Well, head on over to Julia’s Place for the rules and either add your offering in the comments, or do your own post, but don’t forget to either link back to us or let us know in the comments so we can come and read!

30 Comments to “100 Word Stories”

  1. That was very funny! A great idea and very playfully and skillfully handled by the three writers.

  2. Great offerings this week, Limebirds!

    Amber, your sisters’ quiet conflict is one well-felt. That’s a great finishing smile Alice gives. For some reason, I get the sense that Alice is older and Annie the younger. I wonder who John will truly fancy? 🙂

    Kate, you’d told me about the dystopian setting, but I was still surprised by this. Very evocative imagery, and that’s a great twist at the end.

    Vanessa, I had a great laugh at your Cecil! I can’t see such a Championship ending any other way, though! 😀

    Very nice work, ladies. I always enjoy seeing what different takes you have on these prompts, and this week’s entries were quite different, indeed. 🙂

  3. Great stories all three, loved the one about the mouse! Amber I felt like I was sitting in the same room with my sister again and Kate…intriguing!

  4. Great pieces Amber and Vanessa. Amber, I really love the banter between the two sisters, so realistic. I’m sure I have had a similar conversation with my sister. And, Vanessa, the mouse story gave me a good chuckle. Maybe you should write a screenplay as the sequel to Ratatouille. 🙂

  5. Great job you three 🙂

  6. No surprise that these are all so well-done! Although Wimbledon didn’t end the way I would have written it, so it’s a bittersweet prompt for me. Next year, Novak! Nice twists to take the story in different directions!

  7. I love Vanessa and Kate’s stories! Kate, yours makes me sad in different ways. Not a bad sad, just deep emotions.

    Vanessa, your story is so cute. Sad in its own way too, though! So strange. I mean that both of the stories are kind of sad.

    Either way, adored them!

    • Thank you Amber, and I loved the sisterly banter on yours, I could just picture it.

      And Kate – yours made me want to read more!

      • Thanks Vanessa, as I was replying to Amber that blurb took me by surprise. I might try to play around with it some more one day.

    • That story came out of nowhere, but once I wrote it I thought it might be fun to develop it and see where it goes. Thanks for you sweetness. 🙂

  8. All three great entries — funny how the same sentence can mean so many different things to different people! I enjoyed all of these — thanks!

  9. There’s so many comments here, and I’m pretty behind so I’m gonna yell to everyone, THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

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