100 Word Stories – ‘the rain turned the road into a river’

by limebirdwriters

As it’s Friday, the Limebirds take part in the 100 word story challenges set by Julia’s Place. Apologies for the lateness of this post!

Every week, Julia will give out a prompt, and you have to make a 100 word story using those words. This week’s prompt is ‘the rain turned the road into a river’ .According to Julia, you’re allowed 108 words this week (so including the prompt). If you would like to have a go, scroll down to the bottom for more information.

100 word challenge

This week we have myself and Limebirds Amber, Laura, Kate, Neeks and Vanessa taking part.


When I saw him sitting on the park bench, drenched and sad, the rain had turned the road into a river. Separated from him, I forged the path, feeling like I floated to him. He waited for someone. I needed to talk to him. I sat down next to him and held my umbrella over us both. He looked over at me with a sad smile.
“Who are you waiting for?
“My wife. She should be here any moment.”
Were those tears or raindrops?
“In this rain?”
“Rain doesn’t bother the dead.”
I waited beside him while the sun set.


I wanted to sleep in the car to Gram’s but the rain pitter patting on my window hurt my head. I told Rabbit this and he agreed. Too loud. I asked Mummy if she could turn down the rain and she laughed. What’s funny? I tried sleeping again but I heard a BANG which was louder than the rain.

Mummy was on talking on her phone, “Please help us. Our car’s stuck, it’s like the rain turned the road into a river, we’re trapped.”… “How long? I understand, please hurry.”

I got tired again, so we tried to sleep. Rabbit told me his paws were getting wet.


I grab my paper boat and pet frog
and whistle to Henry, my loyal dog
now that the storm is nothing but a shiver
and the rain turned the road into a river.

The sun is shining and I have all day
to pretend I’m a pirate or a gator at play.
I yell across to the Biddle twins
and invite ‘em to bring their snorkles and fins.

Together we ride the rough Seven Seas
and then lasso sweet Nessie as quick as you please.
We’ll frolic all day before the river runs dry
The twins, my frog, Henry, and I.


It sounded like a war zone outside for hours because of storm sirens and the booming thunder. After it was finished, the rain turned the road into a river.
“Mom, can I splash in the water?” I asked my mother, who immediately grabbed a photo of my older brother, and began crying.
“You know what happened to Tommy!” She ran to her room sobbing.
“No I don’t!” I called after her, but she was already gone. “Well, she didn’t say I couldn’t.” I whispered to myself.
Grabbing my raincoat, I ran outside to splash in the newly formed river. Suddenly, I found out what happened to Tommy.


“Tasha’s going swimming now.”
“So is Celeste.  She’s gonna to wear the pink bathing suit.”
“That one’s mine!  You get the orange one.”

My sister and I put our Barbies into the tiny pink convertible and drove them down the
sloping driveway; our “road” was headed for the wading pool in the backyard.

Our little brother snuck up, grabbed a hose and began spraying us.  It was hot, we didn’t
much care, but the rain turned the road into a river and carried our Barbies away in their
pink car!  Down the driveway they went, quickly turning over and spilling out all over the

“I’m telling!  M…O…M!”
The stars turned the day into the night
Help turned the lost into the found
Wind turned the calm into a storm
Time turned the start into the end

The bees turned the nectar into food
Water turned the seed into a life
Ice turned the lake into a rink
Words turned the concept into story

Laughter turned the gloom into joy
The smile turned the down into up
The rain turned the road into a river
Love turned the house into a home

Music turned the people into dancers
Silence turned the turmoil into peace
The baby turned the man into a father
You turned my darkness into light

Would you like to have a go at a 100 word story? Well, head on over to Julia’s Place for the rules and either add your offering in the comments, or do your own post, but don’t forget to either link back to us or let us know in the comments so we can come and read!

19 Comments to “100 Word Stories – ‘the rain turned the road into a river’”

  1. You girls are so awesome! I LOVED all of the posts this week.

    Amber – Your post made me so sad. 😦 I could completely imagine watching that man sitting there.

    Kate – I think this poem is one of your best Kate. It made me smile as I pictured myself as a child playing with the others. Really great. 😀

    Laura – Oh nooooooooo! Silly protag what are you doing! I really want to find out the rest of the story!

    Neeks – Aw, I really liked this Neeks, it made me laugh.

    Vanessa – This poem is so lovely. I really like the imagery of everything turning and evolving and the last line is so poignant.

    • Thanks Beth 🙂 I couldn’t decide if I wanted the kids to drown to death, or somehow end up in a crazy fun adventure, so I decided not to choose 😀

  2. Great stuff once again, girls. Following Beth’s form because it is so neat and clear:

    Amber–that was incredibly sad, and so moving. At first I thought he was homeless, but then I realized he was missing his loved one, which in a sense is just like being homeless.

    Beth–yours was so cute, until I realized they were about to drown! I really don’t want them to drown. Will you please save them in the next challenge???

    Laura–That’s a little eerie. I can’t imagine such a discovery. It definitely made me want to know how it all came about.

    Neeks–that was funny, and I could picture this family of demanding kids who just can’t give each other a moment’s rest.

    Vanessa–that is a beautiful poem and the ideas really touched me, knowing that life can be as simple as a ‘turn’.

  3. You all did a wonderful job. It’s just a bit hard to comment today after the tragedy in Colorado.

    • It’s so horrifying, it’s hard not to think about. I went to see Dark Knight with my friends Friday and I admit I was paranoid and kept my eye on everyone who stood up and walked around through the film. It’s so horrifying when things like this happen.

    • Thanks JM. Yes, I have to admit that I wasn’t aware of the shooting when I posted this on Friday as it hadn’t really been covered that much in the UK. Very sad and scary situation, my thoughts are with all of the families. 😦

  4. JM you are right, horrible stuff. Why do people continue to hurt the innocent when their lives don’t work out as they wanted?
    I enjoyed everyone’s stories. Be well everyone.

  5. These are all beautiful!
    Amber’s melancholy man made me sad…but also made me appreciate the wonderful things around me a little bit more.
    Beth’s “twist” was rather gruesome, especially given the innocence of the narrator; it definitely gave me a chill!
    I adored Kate’s! The tone and voice reminded me a lot of the playfulness of a Tom Sawyer. That closing stanza really stands out, too: full of such imagination!
    Laura’s was thick with quiet horror. Much like with Beth’s piece, I liked how it’s left to the reader to draw conclusions.
    I enjoyed the simplicity of Neeks’s piece a lot, too, though! The conflict of brothers and sisters and their toys is timeless, I suppose! 🙂
    Vanessa’s gives a perfect close to this week’s entries. It’s full of beautiful imagery and love (the use of “turn” worked so well!), and evokes such strong if gentle feelings.

    So well done! I’m envious! 😀

    • Thank you 🙂 LIke I just told Beth, I couldn’t decide if I wanted the kids to drown to death, or somehow end up in a crazy fun adventure, so I decided not to choose !

    • Thanks Mayumi, I was actually surprised at myself that I didn’t go “dark and morose” for once. It was fun to write.

  6. So much excellence!
    Amber – Very touching and even a little heart-wrenching.

    Beth – Dramatic indeed, and very perilous!

    Kate – Quite an adventure for you and your compatriots.

    Laura – Downright fear-inducing! So much more to tell.

    Neeks – Ah, the devilish role of a younger brother. A necessary evil.

    Vanessa – A great slice of evolution and change, with the last line being downright adorable.

    Cheers to all of you!

  7. I’m not feelling up to par today, so here’s a shout to everyone, I read them and they make me feel good, the comments. And everyone else’s stories were soooo good.

    Everyone is so sweet, thank you all. xoxox

  8. You ladies are all amazing 🙂 I always love knowing where my mind goes and coming here on Friday so see where your minds have taken you.

  9. I really enjoyed reading everyone’s this week, you all did a great job gals! And thank you for the nice comments about mine – I found it very difficult to get the exact word count this week, but managed in the end! It’s fab when several of us have a go at it, and we can see how different everyone’s is.

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