YOUR NAME (in lights!)

by Neeks

You have finally finished your magnum opus. You’ve written, rewritten and pulled out a few hairs. Now you want to get the word out…but if you’re like me, you’re one agent and publisher short. I know… details, details! So what are you going to do with it? It isn’t going to get up and walk out the door by itself. One good idea to get the word out is  to:

Social networking is huge, make a Facebook page and join some groups. Tweet about your project too. Your family as well as friends at work can be great promoters of your work. Hang cards up at the coffee shop, the grocery and the pediatrician’s office. If appropriate, network at church functions, at the senior center and at the gym.  Another idea is to:

An exciting and effective way to speak to new people today is blogging. Create free blogs at many sites, just a few of which are WordPress, Blogger and Blogher. You can pay for blogs on some of these and other sites as well. Keep in mind that the free blog sites don’t usually let you add shopping baskets and such until you are paying for the space. Literally millions of people are blogging today, and one fast way to pull readers to your site is to read and comment on their blogs. Remember too, that everyone loves:

Free Stuff!
Everyone loves a little something for nothing, don’t they?
*“Free cake recipe, just like in the book!”
*“Free instructions on how to create your own” … (kite, origami, tie-dye shirt – or whatever you wrote about)
I’ve seen people on various social networks offer free book giveaways too, raffles where the winners are drawn from the people who comment the most, etc. Lots of possibilities here, but my last and best suggestion is to:

Get your work out there on a blog; get it up on Kindle, Smashwords and Barnes & Noble. Do your homework then contact some editors and publishers. Query letters can be tricky and you need to research how to write them – again lots of content on the web. Print up a few copies on and give them to your local libraries. Your neighbors can be quite proud of a writer in their midst and might love to purchase your work if they know about it.

What ideas do you have for getting your work out into the public eye?

25 Comments to “YOUR NAME (in lights!)”

  1. I definitely agree that social networking is an important tool. Agents and publishers will apparently look at your online social presence as part of assessing your credibility. For instance, If you have a blog which is very popular, with loads of followers and commenters then that clearly demonstrates that people like reading what you write, which may make you seem like less of a risky investment if you are previously unpublished. It makes good sense!

  2. This was a wonderful post. It serves a great kick in the patootie for me – a person who would much rather write than market. I still need to do that new Facebook page, for one thing. Gimmie a week. I’ll get to it.

    I’ve taken another one of your ideas to heart as well; this week I have a contest on my blog. The winner will get a FREE copy of my book! So stop by and enter to win!

    Ahem. Well, it seems only appropriate that a post about marketing would be a good place to do a little shameless self-promotion, yes?

  3. Yes… so much to do in that regard, although I try to interact on a human basis rather than in terms of marketing. When someone adds me on twitter and sends an immediate message plugging their content, it turns me off. I won’t respond to it… now if someone sends a message, as happened today, saying, ‘Hello, and I look forward to getting to know you’, to that I’ll respond.

    • I think a good marketing person knows how to achieve a balance between being obnoxious and being a wallflower. We all have out strengths and weaknesses to deal with too. Me, I’m not so good with people, I always get tongue-tied!

  4. These are all great ideas 🙂 Awesome post!

  5. What a great post!! I am starting to promote my debut book and I have to admit that it’s hard, Prople don’t comment on my blog posts but then again I am rather preoccupied at the moment (I’m going to promote like crazy after the summer).

    Something else I’m going to do is to promote the book offline – ie send my letter to support groups etc (my book is a semi-autobiography). The most important thing to remember that word of mouth is the most effective tool; you have just got to get the book out there.

    I will be blogging about my own experiences soon; but I am so determined to make my book a success!

  6. I use wordpress, face book, twitter, google +, & LinkedIn to mention my books, my writing journey experiences but also to share and build a community of writers as I truly feel if we support & encourage each other our work will be read. Maybe I will not sell millions but it is the pleasure of connecting that I enjoy. Thank you for the informative post.

  7. Thank you for reading Mandy, I’m glad you found it helpful. The blogging community is such a generous and supportive one, we could hardly do for better friends!

  8. Great, enthusiastic post, Neeks! I love the message you send–even without a publisher or agent we still have options, we can still make it work. I have to be better at Twitter, FB and LinkedIn, but blogging is a huge time sucker and that is where most of my attention is focused. I just started Google + but I don’t understand how it is any different than any of the other venues.

    I have won several free books from authors who are promoting their stuff, and I think it’s a great way to get your work out to people who might not ordinarily read it. You can definitely do a lot with that method.

    Thanks for this post, it was fun!

  9. Thank you for the tips, Neeks. There are thousands of new books each year now that we have self-publishing options. Your advice helps to guide us in the right direction.
    Blessings – Maxi

    • So glad to be of help Maxi, but this stuff is very superficial. There are experts out there who could guide you a lot more accurately than I.
      That being said, I know that there is a lot we as authors can do to promote our own work, hence the article.
      I guess my strongest advice would be to beg/borrow or steal to get a professional editor to review your book before publication, especially if you are self-publishing. We simply do NOT see our own errors all of the time. I wouldn’t want someone to pick up my book and decide in the future not to get any more “by that author” because there were mistakes all over the place.

  10. Great post Neeks, stuff we can all do; keeping it real and positive!

    • Thanks Ileandra, it’s good to hear from you. I think we owe that chance to ourselves, especially if we’re serious about our work. We did our best to produce it, why not do our best to market it too? 🙂

  11. Dear Limebird writers,

    In previous email exchanges with Beth, I have discussed my idea of writing a non-fiction book (and have since made good progress on a book proposal). However, this has now stalled because (1) I feel compelled to focus on ending my unemployment; and (2) I have been distracted by the idea of turning (a) some (or all) of my blog posts and/or (b) my MA dissertation into self-published work(s) via Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). Has anyone here got any experience of doing this? Having read the “How-to-do-it” guide on the KDP part of the Amazon website, it seems to me that it would be far easier to start with a blank sheet of paper than to try and re-format an existing document – especially one with loads of (a) hypertext links and/or (b) footnotes, tables, and references… Am I just being a spineless “chicken”?

    Yours sincerely,

    Martin Lack

    • Martin, I am sorry I have no experience with any of this. Hopefully some other Limebirds will. Good luck with your writing.

    • Hi Martin,

      Might be worth asking in our forum – , someone might know there! Also, if you tweet me your question @limebirdwriters I will RT and you may get an answer there!


      • Beth, is that you? How to reduce to Tweet length, that is the question (will try very soon).

        Meanwhile, I have made contact with AuthorHouse, who will publish my dissertation as it is (as an academic work) for a fee? Does £400 seem reasonable in order to get an eBook and a printed book (on demand) published… Even if I did not sell enough copies to make a profit (320 eBooks or about 180 paperbacks), this would establish me as a published author and I could then finish my (non-academic) book proposal… What do you think?

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