100 Word Stories – …the line was drawn…

by limebirdwriters

Happy happy Friday everyone! Huzzah! Every Friday, the Limebirds take part in the 100 word story challenges set by Julia’s Place. So, every week Julia will give a prompt and the challenge is to write a story in 100 words using that prompt!  This week the prompt is ‘the line was drawn’.  If you would like to have a go, scroll down to the bottom for more information.

100 word challenge

This week we have myself and Limebirds Kate, Laura and Vanessa taking part.


My sister’s really getting on my nerves. All I want to do is read in peace but I can’t concentrate because she’s stomping around upstairs. Sighing, I get up to see what’s going on.

My mouth drops open as I see a chalk line across our shared room.

“This is my side and that’s yours. We can’t set foot in each other’s sides. EVER. ”

She’s made sure that the line was drawn in her favour, from the window to the opposite wall, but I look again, then smirk.

“Well, I’ve got the door in my side, how’re you going to get out?”



We lay our weapons gently to the floor.

We face each other, him eight and me four.

Piece by piece we shed our gear.

Nothing would make me give into my fear.

Behind me the sun darkened and lowered.

With a deep breath, my enemy stepped forward.

A pen in his hand, and a frown on his face,

the line was drawn telling me my place.

And so it begins on this cold, fateful night

When the two of us ended our year-long fight.

We split the bedroom right down the middle.

As long as I get the window I don’t give a fiddle.


I gazed up at the night sky, the stars were aligned in a way that looked like a line was drawn separating one section of the cosmos from another.
Then, the line moved, it reshaped. It formed a square, then a rectangle. I rubbed my eyes to make sure I wasn’t seeing things. It took on one final shape, a perfect circle.
“What is that?” I nudged my mom who had fallen asleep next to me.
Mom began shaking me. “Earth to Jenny. Come in Jenny. Do you copy?”

Suddenly, I woke up with my Geometry homework plastered to the side of my face.


Madame Agnon stood at the front, waving her paint brush around as if she were conducting an orchestra. “Every one of you is an artiste!” she announced. “Even you Michael!” She jabbed her brush towards the back. A titter rippled through the class. Madame lowered her voice. “All you have to do is draw one line and then let your creative spirit take over”.

Michael stared at his blank paper with his blank mind. He lifted his pencil and began. The line was drawn. Now he just had to wait for his creative spirit to take over. He was in for a long wait.

Would you like to have a go at a 100 word story? Well, head on over to Julia’s Place for the rules and either add your offering in the comments, or do your own post, but don’t forget to either link back to us or let us know in the comments so we can come and read!

26 Comments to “100 Word Stories – …the line was drawn…”

  1. Oh, damn. I would have had some good ideas for this, being an artist.

  2. Great job everyone!
    Beth, that’s really funny that yours and mine went with a similar vein. I thought yours was perfect with its in-your-face-sistah ending. Clever.

    Laura, no aliens? What??? 🙂 This was cute. I was ready for a twist as is your specialty, but not that twist! Very funny.

    Vanessa, I really got a great sense of the setting and the situation here. It reminded me of an art teacher I had in middle school, and how she used to say that art is like making love to the paper. She didn’t last long. 😉

    • Haha, yeah that is funny! Do you have siblings? lol! I really enjoyed reading your poems as I always do! 😀 I can’t really take all the credit for the story unfortunately. This is actually a true story that happened to Aaron and his brother! Very funny. 🙂

      • Yes, I have 5 brothers and one sister. I never had to share a bedroom with them, but my sis and I used to have horrendous fights in the “playroom” and we divvied up space there.

    • Hehe thank you 🙂 I told myself NO aliens allowed this week!

  3. I actually liked the way both Beth and Kate examined the same kind of situation from slightly different perspectives. Loved Beth’s humorous “twist” at the end (I always think of “who has the way to the toilet?” in these room-separation fights), and I really enjoyed the seriousness of Kate’s narrator. It made for some great compare-and-contrast moments. 🙂

    Laura, it sounds like you’ve had vivid dreams like this before, on your own! Nicely done, interpreting the prompt in a new way. The fantastic and the mundane meld really well, here.

    Vanessa, you’ve tapped into a waiting moment I think we’ve all felt. Poor Michael! That one line can lead to so much…if you just let it flow through you. Hopefully, he won’t stutter with his brush.

    Well done, Limebirds! Always a pleasure to read. 🙂

  4. These were all fun! I also like the way Beth and Kate had different takes on the siblings and their room. And I thought Laura would have aliens, but this was a great twist at the end. And poor Michael in Vanessa’s story. I think I can empathize with him!

  5. Great stories all 🙂 Beth I’d be chuckling getting the door on my side, sounds like a major win! Kate, great poem as always. I love how both stories took on the same situation. I never had to share a room with my sis, and after reading these two – thank goodness!
    Vanessa – oh no poor Michael. I’ve felt like that before, I’m not good at art and always felt like a fish out of water in art classes in school.

  6. Great entries, every one of them! 😎

  7. Beth: Sounds like another wonderful mark of sibling rivalry. At least until someone has to leave.

    Kate: Yours is quite descriptive as well, and I gather an overview to a very harsh story.

    Laura: It’s always a trip when homework invades a dream.

    Vanessa: One line breeds another and another, and hopefully this artist will bring about his own masterpieces.

    Great work to all!

  8. Thank you everyone!

    Beth – Yours made me smile, and reminded me of the types of things that go on between my two children on a daily basis. Each one trying to outdo each other, but often not getting it quite right!

    Kate – Really great, a bit Dr Seuss!

    Laura – Brill! I love it when dream world and the real world get muddled up!

  9. These were fun, they are always so interesting to read. I’ve done the line thing with my sister, many many moons ago. Hehehe 🙂 I liked the twist in yours Laura, clever! Vanessa I really liked yours too, it kind of shows the futility we feel facing that blank medium sometimes. Blank paper, canvas, etc. I feel like that in front of every article I write, believe it or not.

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