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August 22, 2012

The Adventure

by limebirdamber

All of life is an adventure, but of the greatest of all is writing – for a writer at least. Whether it’s an alternative history piece, or a slice of life story, it opens doors to a different type of world. It’s a world you created. In a way, it can be your child. The adventure begins in different ways for different people. I knew this would be my adventure since I was around eight years old when I wrote my first story. Or rather, started writing my first story I should say. I wanted to write a novel. I wrote about eight pages. I found it years later and felt ashamed of it. I shouldn’t have, of course!

Like all adventures, there will be trials you feel you can’t face. My dragon to fight is inside me. I think many are. Outside dragons may exist too, in forms of family or work. Adventure stories always tell us this dragon has one weak spot, though. We just have to find it. Sometimes, it’s as simple as in the face of whatever the dragon does to you by sitting and writing away. The dragon looks foreboding, but he is only as strong as you let him be. Heck, the dragon may even inspire something inside you that you can pen.

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