The Adventure

by limebirdamber

All of life is an adventure, but of the greatest of all is writing – for a writer at least. Whether it’s an alternative history piece, or a slice of life story, it opens doors to a different type of world. It’s a world you created. In a way, it can be your child. The adventure begins in different ways for different people. I knew this would be my adventure since I was around eight years old when I wrote my first story. Or rather, started writing my first story I should say. I wanted to write a novel. I wrote about eight pages. I found it years later and felt ashamed of it. I shouldn’t have, of course!

Like all adventures, there will be trials you feel you can’t face. My dragon to fight is inside me. I think many are. Outside dragons may exist too, in forms of family or work. Adventure stories always tell us this dragon has one weak spot, though. We just have to find it. Sometimes, it’s as simple as in the face of whatever the dragon does to you by sitting and writing away. The dragon looks foreboding, but he is only as strong as you let him be. Heck, the dragon may even inspire something inside you that you can pen.

Your adventure will follow a path. Going down the road you shouldn’t may even be a good thing, because it reveals things you never knew existed. It’s possible to find a gem on the wrong path. The right path back on your journey is also there for you to find, even thick in the brush of the forest.

For myself, I know I’m lost in the forest. My adventure began shortly after I began, I’ve been on the right path before. I just need to cut away the brush and find my road again. Then, I can use the gems I found and make myself greater. If I can, then you can as well.

Now I ask, how did your adventure begin? Where are you now, in the forest fighting a dragon, or on the right path?


26 Comments to “The Adventure”

  1. Can’t wait to hear all the stories. 🙂

  2. Great post, I especially like the part where you found your eight pages from childhood – don’t we beat oursleves up for everything? I think my story started as a child in school when we were studying Victorians and watched a television programme on them every week, after that I won a writing competition for my Victorian Christmas – where am I now, well I suppose like you, I’m in a forest – but I’m not battling with a dragon, it’s those pesky Victorians they won’t go away -not that I want them to, I’ve rather got used to disappearing into their world. Have a great day and happy writing.

  3. hey fighting a dragon in a forest is a good way to live too …
    loved the write up 🙂
    I grew up reading great stories and weaving some in my mind day dreaming but the day i started sharing them with my friends something clicked,initially there was a hesitation but got some fairies in the forest who led me to my road..

  4. Very nice Amber, and how appropos. I am recently set on by a very big dragon and it may take me a while to make my way out of this one. Right now it feels like a pretty big jungle.

  5. Interesting to contemplate. Business, my writing began through years of business communications, later as an extensive array of online blathering. In the midst of PTSD, knowing therapy alone offered insufficient remedy, aware my mind told stories in environments conducive, I started in on creative writing.

    And never stopped.

  6. It’s hard to know if you’re on the right path until you stumble onto the wrong one. The path I took on the road to where I am now was often as confounding as navagating the streets of Boston without a map.

    I found my way eventually, thank goodness. But I needed directions.

  7. I am so hoping that I’m now on the right path. I’m very nearly ready to start promoting/launching my book and I just hope that people will enjoy reading it and the hard work (starts to) pay off! 🙂

    Great post! 🙂

  8. After two years of envisioning, writing, editing, rewriting, formatting and publishing, I released my debut novel yesterday []. It truly was a surreal moment, and I STILL felt my dragon fighting me even though yesterday was my moment of victory. Even though I have a lot of bruises and scars from the journey, I can say that I ran the race and I finished. Keep it up, and thanks for sharing. Great things are in store! 🙂

  9. Marvellous post. Judging by how you managed to weave some pretty funky visuals through my brain I think you’re on the right path! Sometimes battling dragons is the best way to find the right path, hell, dragons on any path is pretty awesome. I’ve been writing for a long time and the journey has never lost its spark because it’s always changing. I find a new gem and battle dragons in Imaginationland all the time and I wouldn’t give it up for anything.

    Real life dragons take up a lot of time, but they can reveal tiny gems if you look for them, and those gems can be used to reinforce your writing. The wrong path may feel wrong at the time, but if you look back at all those paths you’ll likely see how they eventually lead to those wonderful sun drenched groves of lush inspiration and wonderment.

  10. I am definitely in the forest, fighting a dragon. But… I can SEE the path from here. So, there’s that. 🙂

  11. Dragons are a good way of describing it – we all have them – now if we could just find a way to harness the power of the dragons and use them to our advantage…

  12. Great post. I feel like my path is chock-full of dragons, even though I’m on the right path. I suppose if the path was too easy, it wouldn’t feel like I’m accomplishing anything. However, the dragons don’t stop coming. I slay one only to find another around the bend. I am inundated with dragons, but I’m getting craftier with my fighting skills. So, I continue trudging along the path, fighting to get to that castle in the distance where a big party awaits! 🙂

  13. Ahhhh the dragons! They’re everywhere! Great post Amber 🙂 I think I’ll always be fighting dragons, but that’s OK, they keep you on your toes!

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