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August 27, 2012

Creative Poetry from Children

by limebirdvanessa

I believe strongly that most children are naturally very creative, but unless this is encouraged and allowed to blossom it often gets lost as they get older. I have always found poetry which has been written by children to be fascinating. While it is generally very easy to tell the difference between a story written by a child and one written by an adult, with poetry, it isn’t always so clear; their writing often shows a maturity which seems beyond their years. My view is that this is because there are a lot less rules in poetry writing and therefore children can express themselves more freely. I have three examples below. The first two were written by my own children – I’m not posting them because I want to seek lots of praise for my children, nor am I trying to say that my children are any more creative than any other children, it’s just because I obviously have these ones to hand and I don’t need anyone else’s permission to post them!

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