The Wedding Voyage

by LimebirdRaven

While I was sick, this story kinda came to me.  How do you feel about periodical entries like the format below?  Do you have any of your own that follow this same idea? Please share them if you do!

The Wedding Voyage

23 June 1871— This war should never have started.  It is just a simple misunderstanding, really, and as soon as I heard, I set sail to sign the treaty to end the war. My betrothed went quickly to battle, instead.  He always leads the charge, that man.  I can’t wait to see him again, and we shall wed upon the ship as soon as he arrives!  My heart simply flutters that my father, the King, has chosen such a strong, bold man to be my husband.  Alas, there are more important matters at hand.  I must hurry to the Kingdom of Andale to sign the treaty to end this trifling war.

24 June 1871— The guns exploding around us are fearsome, making it difficult to sleep.  Yet I know we are safe for the flag of peace flies high above our mast.  I take comfort that my father is finally allowing me to participate in such matters of state.  He must feel that if I’m ready to marry, then I am ready to take my proper place in the kingdom as Princess.  Mother has gone and he’s needed help for years, but he had no son so he’s always handled everything on his own.

25 June 1871— I still haven’t slept. There is too much noise from the battles and I am so worried about my beloved Charles.  Oh I know he’s strong and he has battled many fields.  But now that we are so near to being married, his absence feels more real.   Thankfully we come ashore tonight and I can sign the treaty to end the war first thing in the morning.

26 June 1871— Oh, I must be on top of the world!  Today, I, Princess Anna, have signed the treaty to end the war between Kingdoms Andale and Karsel.  Already the guns slow, even as we aboard ship! Soon my Charles will board the ship and tomorrow, or maybe the day after, we’ll be wed!! Oh I shall sleep well tonight!!

27 June 1871— The guns have quieted for the most part and peace is settling in.  Still a few battles roar, but I hope soon to hear from Charles.  The wedding is ready; we wait only for him to arrive.  I hope he’s okay.  I’m worried again.  Charles, I love and miss you.  Please come to me.

28 June 1871— Today my love arrived and came straight to my side.  My heart leapt upon seeing his handsome face.  But before he could reach me, cannon fired.  Someone I suppose hadn’t heard the war had ended.  I watched aghast as the cannonball took Charles in the chest and killed him right before me.  I had not even time to say goodbye, as I was rushed to collect my belongings and evacuated from the ship.  My heart died today and I think I shall follow.  But live I must, as heir to the throne.  Can I ever find the strength?

11 Comments to “The Wedding Voyage”

  1. Nice to have you back Raven, hope you are feeling better! Lovely story, I could completely picture the events. I quite like reading it in this way, but I’ve never really tried it, maybe I should!

    • Never hurts to try! I’ve seen whole books written this way. One of my favorites was similar. The diary entries were completely written in haiku. The author has 3 books like that, all humorous in nature and written from the perspective of a ‘monster’. I don’t think it inspired this, but is definitely someplace I’ve seen it work.

    • Oh yes, I am feeling much better. It seems the last few years have been one thing after another and I’ve had to take my recovery very slowly. I think it’s finally completely healed. Thanks so much for your patience with me.

  2. Effective. Gets you there in a hurry and sets your imagination loose. Thumbs up.

  3. limebird raven, this is an interesting chunk out of a person’s life — complete in itself, but promising so much more!

    • Judithatwood, this is a dream that I have had many times in my life. I don’t usually get much detail, but the last scene is very detailed. I added some parts to make the scene have a purpose but the dream has haunted me for years. I see him coming towards me and I see him die. I thought maybe finally writing it down might help me to understand it better myself.

  4. I haven’t tried anything like this, but it’s an interesting concept. Some might find the format limiting, but in many ways it’s no different from writing a story from first person perspective.

    • I think you’re right, jmmdowell. I didn’t feel it was that much different. I tried to put myself in the place of the protagonist as though I were writing in my own diary. I’ve never really done that before, but it did seem to help me visualize the rest a bit better.

  5. I have never tried anything like this, however I see the similarity between this and simply outlining for a novel, where each main event is jotted down and briefly summarized.

    I think you are onto something with this! 🙂

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