100 Word Film Review – The Amazing Spiderman

by limebirdaaron

This week’s 100 Word Film Review is The Amazing Spiderman starring Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone.

I was always a fan of Spiderman growing up, so felt a bit short changed when the films came out with Toby Maguire and Kirsten Dunst as the stars. When I heard they were bringing out a new film with a whole new cast I couldn’t wait, and I was not disappointed. The special effects are better, as you’d expect from a newer film, but as well as this the characters are far more believable which meant the film felt like more than just a series of actions scenes stuck together. Definitely the best Spiderman film yet. You’ll love it.

8/10 limes

Did anyone see this when it was out? Did you prefer this version or the original?

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13 Responses to “100 Word Film Review – The Amazing Spiderman”

  1. Good praise for this then. This would be one to take my son to, although I think it’s a 13 and he’s only 10.

    • I’m not sure about your son, it depends how easily he gets scared. I think he’d enjoy it, but because the special effects are so good some scenes may be a bit too much for him. I may be out of touch though, it might not bother him at all.

  2. Yeah I also really enjoyed this actually! Much better that the first.

    • I think the supporting actors in the other films were good, it was let down by the main characters. I think comic book films have also moved on since then and are now seen as proper films rather than just something for geeks

  3. Agreed! They did a phenomenal job with this version!

  4. I really did enjoy this movie. It was the perfect beginning to a new Spider-Man film series.

  5. I had mixed feelings about this movie, some things I really liked and other things I just sat there thinking ‘why?’

    • That’s a shame. Which things didn’t you like?

      • I liked it up until about halfway (spoilers coming up) and from then on when he showed he’s spidey to Gwen after pretty much their first date and then walking around the school with his mask off. I felt the last half was just too rushed, overall though a decent to good movie. It just started out with a lot of potential and then didn’t stick the final approach and dismount. I’ll leave it at that though before I put my whole post into your comment section haha

      • I was a bit soon for him to reveal the truth. I assume maybe it was because they have already done the beginnings story recently and they wanted to get it all wrapped up in the first film. It’s always hard with a film like that to tell the beginning and at the same time have an enemy etc, unless you make it 3 hours. I think I chose to overlook the points you mentioned because I was so pleased at the improvement from the Toby Maguire attempts


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