100 Word Film Review – The Dark Knight Rises

by limebirdaaron

This week’s 100 Word Film Review is ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ starring Christian Bale, Tom Hardy, Gary Oldman and Anne Hathaway.

This film has a lot to live up to after the first two films redefined what viewers expected from a superhero movie, and have led to far darker storylines coming out. The first one brought us Batman’s origins, the second brought us his development, and this unfortunately brought us a confused mix of both. Being the final film in the trilogy I was hoping for a slick Batman who has honed his skills and only the baddest of the bad guys could slow him down. But instead we are given someone who seems more vulnerable than ever. Good not great.

7/10 limes

Did anyone see this when it was out? Do you think this is a good end to the trilogy? What did you think of Bane as a villian?


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9 Comments to “100 Word Film Review – The Dark Knight Rises”

  1. I actually quite enjoyed this, but I felt it was a bit too long, my bum had gone to sleep! I also like Bane as the villian, but I didn’t know he was Tom Hardy until the end, even though apparently it was obvious! I wonder if they’re going to make any more.

    • Christopher Nolan has said he was doing a trilogy and this was the last one, but that doesn’t mean to say someone else won’t make another one. I think they’d have to be brave to take it on after the success of the latest 3 and it might be hard convincing actors to take up the roles.

      • I don’t necessarily think they have to be brave to reboot the franchise after this necessarily, just patient – very. Though, they do need to brave if they have any plans on rebooting it any time soon as far as I’m concerned as there is no need for it – much like there was no need for another Spider man so soon.

  2. I agree that it wasn’t quite as good as the second one, but I was okay with Batman’s vulnerability. (I think I would have found the movie boring if he’d honed his skills in the beginning.) For me, the various storylines didn’t come together quite as well as I hoped; I think they were trying to do too much. But I still had a really good time. I’d probably go 8/10 for the Dark Knight Rises, 10/10 for The Dark Knight, and 7/10 for Batman Begins.

    • I have heard someone else who is a big fan of the comics, say the same thing about the story lines. I haven’t read them all myself but I didn’t still notice it felt a bit disjointed. It was like they had so many ideas which could have made a series of other films but they were committed to ending it as a trilogy and tried to cram it all into the third. I agree with your preferences above, but I’d probably say 9/10 for the Dark Knight (I’m a little reluctant to give anything a 10)

  3. I still need to see this. Oh, I am such a loser.

  4. I loved this film but I think only because of Tom Hardy’s version of Bane. Hardy’s one of my favourite current actors right now and his performance in this film was strong. I was a little let down by the fight scenes between he and Batman but still, it was my favourite of the three.

    I’ve read that there are plans for a Justice League film in the next couple of years and the rebooted Batman will be a part of that film before he stars in his own, so a reboot is going to be way closer than we think.

    • I’m a big Tom Hardy fan too. I’ve wondered about a Justice League film, I wanted to see it but didn’t think Christian Bale’s Batman would have fitted in. I didn’t realise they were planning on doing a reboot so soon. Hopefully it will be as good as the latest three.

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