100 Word Challenge – ‘suddenly it was in my hand’

by limebirdwriters

Yay, it’s Friday! I’m super poorly today so I’m afraid I’m out of this week, but don’t you worry, you have some great stories below. This week’s prompt from Julia’s Place is ‘suddenly it was in my hand‘.

100 word challenge

This week is Limebirds Amber, Kate and Vanessa.


She tasted like candy as I pulled away. Underneath the sweet was a sour, rotten taste. The demon wasn’t kind and I had no plans to be kind. I thought of my knife, carved with runes and strictly for killing her kind. Suddenly, it was in my hand. I plunged the blade through her heart and let the black blood spray on me. The pain in her eyes, the shock. I stared down at her. A demon’s heart stolen is nothing to cry over. My own heart’s loss, I don’t care anymore. I turned my back on her. I really didn’t cry.


I wasn’t supposed to go up there.

I wasn’t supposed to see.

Too many nights spent wondering

About the noise that kept waking me.

I climbed the rickety staircase

Afraid I would slip and fall.

The room at the top loomed closer

I kept going as I hugged the wall.

Darkness beckoned me forward

I entered, expecting a trick.

When I saw what was making the noise

I wanted to be sick.

It came toward me with flashing eyes

I screamed but couldn’t run.

Suddenly it was in my hand

My new life has now begun.


We all knew the Principal wore a hairpiece. You couldn’t help but know. Somebody once said that it looked like a rat which had been flattened and placed on top of his head. After that, we all referred to it as ‘the rat’. One lunchtime, he came to shout at us for playing football too near the windows. As he bent down to pick up the ball, the hairpiece slid off his head onto the ground. I wasn’t even aware of reaching for it, but suddenly it was in my hand, and before I could stop myself, I heard my voice say “Your rat I believe?”.

Would you like to have a go at a 100 word story? Well, head on over to Julia’s Place for the rules and either add your offering in the comments, or do your own post, but don’t forget to either link back to us or let us know in the comments so we can come and read!

27 Comments to “100 Word Challenge – ‘suddenly it was in my hand’”

  1. Again, *cough* not everybody read the rules! The rules for this week said that we had to write in the genre of comedy. I mean, I know mine isn’t hilarious, but at least I had a go! 😉 (You can imagine what I was like at school can’t you, hehe).

    Anyway, having said that, Amber and Kate, I loved what you both wrote, both really tense and dramatic!

  2. Rules are for wimps. Kidding. I couldn’t get anything funny to come out. You did a good job with the cute factor Vanessa. I liked Kate’s drama.

  3. I saw the post on my phone, so didn’t see the rules at Julia’s place. So, as it isn’t comedy, I’ll just put it here…


    Damn dog! What is it with my key? Ryker’s bloody obsessed with taking and hiding it!

    I found him over by the dead oak; the one with the bloody crack under the roots. Ryker looked pleased with himself and I scowled at him.

    Pushing him out of the way I lay down flat on the grass and eased my arm into the hole. Juuust a liiiiitle bit more… I stretched out my fingers and suddenly it was in my hand, the key cool against my skin. The leather fob seemed alive – wrapping itself around my wrist – pulling me in…

  4. I must say, they were all great, but I was drawn to Vanessa’s even before I knew the genre was comedy. It WAS funny. Even though I knew what was coming, that last line was the best! 🙂

  5. Vanessa that was hilarious. I just couldn’t get funny to come out this week, so I left it alone. Yours made me laugh and I could just see it happening!
    Amber and Kate, very scary! I kept going back to the beginning sentence on Amber’s bit, about “she tasted like candy.” Kind of made my skin crawl, which I imagine you intended. Kate, loved the imagery in yours, the room looming at the top, hugging the wall, such good suspense!

  6. Comedy is one of the hardest things to write, I hear, so kudos to Vanessa for following the rules and doing a good, funny piece on the, er, piece!

    But comedy or not, Kate and Amber told intriguing dark takes on the prompt. All three were really good, as was Dennis’s contribution in the comments.

    You Limebirds are talented! 🙂

  7. Bethie, hope you feel better soon, sending you some virtual warm chocolate chip cookies and a nice hot cup of tea!

  8. I had a go at this one, but I failed… 21 words over the target. The trouble is, it’s poetry so it’s difficult to change the wording… (I say poetry… lol). Big respect to Kate for hitting the target, and for anyone else who’s managed to do these things in poem form in the past. I chuckled at Vanessa’s entry this week; I could certainly imagine that happening, and how funny it would be (although perhaps not for you at the time…).

  9. Great job guys! all so well, Amber – getting me in the Halloween spirit! Kate, your poem is amazing, as always! Vanessa yours is cute, I love when men wear a hairpiece and deny it!

  10. Hope you’re feeling better now.

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