100 Word Stories – …it can’t be that time….

by limebirdwriters

This week we have loads of Limebird Writers taking part, which is super awesome! Happy Friday everyone!

The prompt this week from Julia’s Place, is : ” …it can’t be that time….”

100 word challenge

We have myself and Limebirds Amber, Cat, Dennis, Kate, Neeks and Vanessa.


Jamie sobbed as she watched her father being led down the hall.
“Please don’t take him! It can’t be that time!”
The guards ignored her. When the doors opened she saw the world burning.
She missed the sun and the moon. She missed the trees. Concrete walls only reminded her of what happened to her and the world.
Her father would be thrown into that world to die.
For what purpose? There was no purpose. Only control.
The guards kept us safe and alive. But my father… It can’t be that time.
But I suppose it was.


I knew I had to let him go. The specialist had said as much a few days ago, but I’d finally made the hardest decision of my life.

A woman with gloves on came up beside me and touched my arm. I looked up and she told me it was time.

“It can’t be that time already. Please just give us a couple more minutes.”

She nodded.

Sighing, I laid his favourite blanket next to him and took a breath.

“You’re my best friend, you know that?” I kissed him on the head, stroked his paw and stepped back to let the vet come in.


The School Dinner Lady:

‘Crikey’ muttered Fanny as she adjusted her thick stockings ‘it can’t be that time already, surely?’ The morning of food prep had gone too quickly. All they’re after these days are large dollops of mushy peas and chips, she groused. She lovingly stirred her hot pot though, the other choice du jour. Her late husband used to love her cooking. Kids didn’t appreciate either the skill she possessed or the love she put into it. With a shrill cry, the dinner bell rang and moments later in piled hoards of hungry teenagers. It just wasn’t what it used to be, years ago. No appreciation anymore.


Sleep… so welcome, and yet so elusive. It feels like I’ve been lying here for months, every action of my painfully long life replaying in my mind. I need sleep…

Maybe a snack would help, but I shouldn’t get up, not now.

I can hear the wind blowing through dessicated leaves outside. It can’t be that time already? Giving up, I get up and potter around.

There’s nothing to eat! The remains of my last meal are dried up and unappetising. Still, not long to wait now.

There’s a knock on the door and I answer. Two toothsome little kids. “Trick or treat!”

Snack time!

My heart thunders so loud I can hear it over the bells. I watch the party disappear through the door, one by one. It can’t be that time. This came way too fast. I fall in behind, matching their rhythmic shuffle. One, two. One, two. Three hundred and ninety eight days have passed by, and I am not ready. I think of all the things I was supposed to do, all the time I thought I had. And it’s gone. Poof. Just like that.

I reach the door and gaze at my soon-to-be husband.


We left home on a sunny day in 3012 bound for the future; the one mystery left to the human consciousness.  We could only take what would pack around us in the small compartment (about as much as one could stuff into a medium satchel).

We start up the machine and seat ourselves, taking care to secure our restraints.  I look at the professor; we both smile as he pulls the lever…

…And we arrive.  Back where we started and ready to embark.  Repeating these actions forever!  It can’t be that time will loop infinitely, with us sitting there grinning stupidly.   Will it never stop?


I stood by the lake and watched her. She seemed sad and I think I mistook her sadness for my own. Last time I saw her she had said the time had arrived. “It can’t be that time,” I had said, but I knew it was futile. It’s not like I hadn’t known the time would arrive. But it was too soon. She told me not to come today. But I did. I had never witnessed a vaporisation before. I saw her outline tremble and she seemed to melt into the ground before lifting up into the air like a mist. Then she was gone.



31 Comments to “100 Word Stories – …it can’t be that time….”

  1. Amber I loved yours, there’s quite a story there!
    Beth, I was afraid that was what yours was about when I started reading, very emotional when we talk about our pets. You brought the emotion out well!
    Cat, a school dinner lady, how creative!
    Dennis, Hansel and Gretel had better not get lost in your woods, how clever to use the prompt like that,
    Kate you’ve got a longer story there too, I want to know why the bride is so anxious!
    Neeks, this was the most incredible sto— nah, just kidding y’all. LOL.
    Vanessa, I absolutely loved the first line, and the vaporization was cool.
    I really enjoyed these this week!

  2. Well, Limebirds, every one of these reads really well, but Dennis, you take the top slot this week. How creepy is that? Each of you is completely different from the others, and yet every entry in 100WCGU is more imaginative!

  3. “She seemed sad and I think I mistook her sadness for my own.”

    Great to read so many different approaches. My heart was stolen by that line from Vanessa.

  4. Nice job by everyone this week. I like to see all these Limebirds taking part. Fun!

  5. Great variety! Fun to read! Thank you all!

  6. Wow, those are all amazing entries, gang! Beth, you really summed up my brother’s feelings when his dog had to be put down. Each of these has the makings of a good story. I keep hoping some of you will develop your ideas further!

  7. Thanks guys.

    I think everyone did wonderfully. It’s always so surprising how different we are, so many different styles, so many different words.

  8. How lovely that several of us had a go this week – I enjoyed everyone’s, it’s always fun to see what different angles and genres people go for with the prompt.

  9. these are amazing – like I knew they would be!! I had a huge writing block and just rambled mine down. There’s just so much intriguing things to be think about dinner ladies. I never get the impression they think kids appreciate their skills. That was definitely the case in my school, let me tell you!!

    Totally envious of everyone else’s now for being so blummin amazing!!! Well done you clever Limebirds!

  10. All dark, depressing and dodgy. A trifecta of despair. My kind of story telling. *grin*

  11. Such darkness, Limebirds, though I like what you each did with that prompt. Heartbreak and horror from Amber, Beth, and Vanessa; grim fatalism from Kate and Neeks; and a touch of black humor from Cat and Dennis. Well done!

  12. Beth, you totally surprised me with the end. I really thought it was a person. Though a dog is just as sad for me. 🙂

    Kate, I loved the funny macabre twist at the end of yours. Great writing too.

    Vanessa, very eerie.

    I love how everyone has such a unique take on those words. 🙂

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