100 Word Stories – … and winter will bring …

by limebirdwriters

Happy Friday everyone! 😀

The prompt this week from Julia’s Place, is : ” … and winter will bring …”

100 word challenge

We have myself and Limebirds Cat and Kate taking part.


Jack sat with his face pressed against the glass. He was counting how many red leaves were swirling from the tree to the ground. He was on 13 so far.

“Whatchudoing?” Jenna came up behind him.

“Nothing” he carried on counting. 15

“Tell me” she poked him in the back of the head and he lost count. He spun round and gave her his best evil glare. Even though he liked autumn, he wanted it to hurry up and finish because the next season is the best and winter will bring snow. Then snow means snowballs, right in her annoying twin sister face.


The spindly killer webs of the mighty sponge spiders slowly, but surely, consume the ocean planet. All the hail the mighty sponge spiders! They leap, unafraid, over great expanses of water, vault over mountains and eat entire trees. Winter will bring more dangerous prey for them to battle on the great floating icebergs from the Pantene glaciers. They will fight polar bears and aliens! They shall be victorious – nothing can stop the sponge spiders!

The deadly sponge spiders though, have but one almighty enemy that can end their existence and they fear her…

“Ollie? Are you finished playing in the bath yet sweetheart?”


Her shadow creeps along the grass, a shivering form that will not last.

I try to coax her into the box, but she runs to hide among the rocks.

I’m worried about her out here alone, she’s nothing but skin and bones.

She’s dying, I’m told, and winter will bring fierce winds and cold.

But I can’t turn my face away, not when I know she’ll be here the next day.

I step closer and ignore her hiss. I reach out with my hand, send her a kiss.

The night’s silent as I wait in agony. Then I hear her purr, all for me.

23 Responses to “100 Word Stories – … and winter will bring …”

  1. Apologies for my less than inspiring attempt this week, I wrote it very quickly before posting! Your two entries put me to shame!

    Cat – Yours is so sweet and creative! Love it.

    Kate – Back to your awesome poems! You’re always so inventive and descriptive. Lovely.

    • I loved all three!

      Beth, I really liked that stream of consciousness voice from the brother. It rings so true, especially with the closeness of twins…and how they tend to dislike each other more than regular siblings, sometimes! The pointed concentration of the narrator (“15.”) is a nice touch, how he seems to be focused but then turns it around toward his sister.

      Cat, I thought your narrator was great, too! I really liked the line “All hail the mighty sponge spiders!” – it’s got that melodrama appropriate for a kid making up stories in the bath. 😀

      Kate, your poetry always tugs at my heartstrings; this one’s no different. The narrator’s worry is so genuine (“I’m worried about her out here alone, she’s nothing but skin and bones.”), which makes the end line so much more touching. Bravo for such perseverance!

    • Beth & Cat — I think you all did a great job. Beth, still always so hard for me to believe you throw yours together. Cat, your piece brought a smile to my face because it’s such like a kid’s way of thinking.

  2. All three were great. Each so different and creative. 🙂

  3. All three excellent, indeed. 🙂 Beth, you may have “tossed yours together,” but it’s still a great entry. I always look forward to reading these on Fridays. 🙂

  4. I love all three.

    Beth, yours rings true with me. I have two younger sisters and they were always interrupting when I was doing important things like counting. I was grinning reading this.

    Cat, I love yours. I think I love it all the more because it makes such subtle use of the prompt.

    Kate, I think I was expecting something aweful to happen at the end. Thank you for bringing hope!

  5. Three sweet, light-hearted stories — I love them all! You all hit this one on the head, ladies! 😎

  6. y’all are so good!

  7. Well done to all three, really great! Sorry I didn’t manage anything this week…


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