Knowledge Transfer Pride

by LimebirdCat

I work at a northern English University. I won’t say where specifically as I doubt our post room could cope with all the fan mail you’d no doubt wish to send me! Not.

Within said institution of higher education, I work specifically within the research excellence framework area for the biggest School within the University. Basically, I record what research publications my colleagues are putting out into the big blue yonder and seeing what impact it makes.

It got me thinking about what we do here on Limebird.

We create our blog articles, as Limebird Writers and each article has, what we term in academia as an ‘Impact Factor’. We have comments and even discussions come from what we have written. People kindly reblog what we’ve put and discus on Facebook and Twitter. We basically make some sort of impact on the wider world with what we’re talking about.

It’s an interesting, very academic comparison to make between research papers that focus on specific scientific discoveries and ideas and us lot here on Limebird.

We’re all seemingly reaching out for answers to questions – whether those questions be scientific or metaphysical. We are all searching for answers or sharing knowledge (or, in University parlance – Research Knowledge Transfer). We’re sharing our methodologies and our practices with you, the reader, and you can take what you will from what we have put. Writing knowledge is not terribly different from the Scientific world I find myself immersed in. It is a set of facts that are continually evolving and morphing into something wonderful, something life changing.

Universities do of course create funding opportunities and gain prestige by their research outputs – we on the other hand are  a volunteer run, free to all group. Either way, our aims seem very similar – to better, to educate, to stimulate discussion.

In research, we have (like other Universities) a star system for our outputs, which is out of five (five being the top).

How amazing is it then that what we have on Limebird, is what I would consider to be at least 3-5 star outputs each time?

I suggest we start a University. LimebirdBeth can be the Vice Chancellor who can over see the large fight that will no doubt kick off when we all try to decide on who to appoint as Chancellor (too many great writers out there to choose from really!).

I suppose the point I’m making really (seriously, I have one!), is that I am proud of the level of output we provide here on Limebird Writers and of the people involved in making the magic happen. I am also proud and grateful to our loyal readership for getting us past a 1st birthday and helping up notch up 50k+ views!

Big hairy hugs, handshakes and celebratory Victoria sponge cakes all round!

26 Comments to “Knowledge Transfer Pride”

  1. Love love love this post Cat! Great comparison to the work you do at the University. One qualm so… why don’t I get first dibs on Chancellor… surely I get first dibs right?? Haha! *gladly accepts victoria sponge cake * This is dairy and wheat free right…? * eats anyways*

    • Beth, the Chancellor is much more of a figurehead than anything, it’s the Vice Chancellor who actually runs the place, so that’s why it is right for you to take on that role! 😉

    • Vanessa is right, the Chancellor is a bit of an inspirational person who doesn’t have any power and is more of a celebrity. Huddersfield Uni has the best one ever for example: Patrick Stewart! I won’t tell you who mine is, but it’s a puzzling one! Vice Chancellors run the place, which is what you do B! Underneath the VC are the Pro-Vice Chancellors who look after different areas of the University. Underneath them, the Dean’s of the Schools/Faculties, underneath them, the associate deans of areas within the schools/faculties and beneath them, the academics that teach and research and beneath them, the students both post grad and under grad and beneath them, well – the rest of us!

      • ARGH stupid WordPress. I wrote a comment then it deleted it!! I’ll let you off then! 😛 hehe. Oh Oh can our Chancellor be Ellen? I LOVE her! Anyhoo.. wouldn’t you guys be the Pro-Vice Chancellors? 🙂

  2. Ook! Ook! Can I be the librarian?

  3. Great post Cat! I work at a southern England university which also will remain nameless here. My work is more to do with outreach with local schools, but my previous role at the uni was in a research department, so I can relate to everything you’re saying!

  4. It has also been said that the exchanges between all of us add to the body of views…. but I recently read that just “Like” clicking does not give one traffic or always a return of one anothers writing. …… One must write in the”comment” box to be getting maximum “sends.” The blogging speaks for itself… but I have found that one must reblog on different sites.

  5. Reblogged this on Continuous Strings and commented:
    Here is my latest published work over on Limebirdwriters! Big pride 🙂

  6. Making a difference is the reason I do what I do. You nailed it! 🙂

  7. I love it! And second a vote for Ellen 🙂

  8. Can I bags Dean of the School of Science Fiction? I try not to ‘lecture’ in my posts, but I certainly do try and educate readers about the breadth of that much maligned genre.

    Vanessa, being responsible for outreach to local schools sounds a wonderful job! I am currently unemployed and I am planning on seeing if I can help out with English at a local school next year (the academic year runs from January here.).

    Not sure that I have got the Latin completely correct (any help would be welcome!) but how about a motto for Limebird University?

    Somnia extare in verba (Dreams recorded in words)

    Perveniens ad astra per scribens (Reaching the stars through writing)

    Per scribendo – stellas (Through writing – the stars)

    • Love the idea of a motto. Perhaps “Sint tibi creativitas volare” (Let your creativity fly)

      • Well, that is our tagline! 🙂 What’s the difference between ‘permissum vestri’ and ‘Sint tibi’ is it to do with tense?

      • ARGH! SOMEONE HOW KNOWS THINGS!! BURN THE WITCH*!!! *runs and hides*

        *ahem*… I’m afraid I have no idea. I admit I’ve never studied Latin, but can use Google Translator ( After further experimentation, it looks like you can achieve “permissum vestri creativitas volare” via the English: “Let your creativity to fly”. I expect either would do, and permissum vestri sounds nicer. Reversing the translation converts “Sint tibi creativitas volare” into the English “Let your creativity soar”, which is not quite right, whereas “Permissum vestri creativitas volare” translates exactly into the English “Let your creativity fly” 🙂

        *Sorry for the witch comment…

      • bahha, that made me laugh! Don’t make me mad or I’ll put a hex on thee!

      • Of course!

        My only excuse is that I’ve only had 9 hours sleep in two days!

  9. Working for the same southern England university as limebirdvanessa, and as a researcher in the health and social care area, I really enjoyed this post and the similarities you note between the two areas…I am currently also immersed in the world of REF and research and knowledge exchange, so it made me smile to know there is someone out there in a similar position and who writes both academically and creatively 🙂

  10. Great post. I love the limebirds – thank goodness for the lot of you.

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