It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

by Neeks

It’s November already!  The year has flown past so quickly.  Here I am, just over a month away from Christmas and am getting worried about how many presents I’ve bought.  Because of the county I live in and my birthday being when it is – my land and house taxes, car and truck registrations and uh, Christmas are all due in December.  Poor timing, poor, poor timing.

Having been laid off near the end of October, I’m finding myself especially ah, funds-challenged as I head into the holiday season this year.  I paid the car and truck tags early, so that is one thing done.  I’ve gotten my daughter a gift, and yet there are others I would love to buy for but can’t.  I’ve decided that this year, I’m going to write a bunch of my gifts, and see how it goes over.

Yes, write a gift.  I’m going to use my mom, what she means to me, what I think she sees herself as, and I’m going to use her as the lead character in a short story.  I won’t name her Mary in the story, I don’t want it to be that patronizing.  But the lead will be a woman who is like my mom, kind of way to show her what I think of her, and how I see her.

My dad is a different story, he doesn’t really read very much.  I could still do a story for him too, and read it out loud to him.  Brother and sisters, hopefully will say it is cool and not cheap, LOL.  If not, hey you’re my brother so shut up or I’m telling mom!  Worst case, someone doesn’t like their story.  I’ll have a back up cookie-mix-in-a-jar for them.  Best case, my family and loved ones each have a bit of writing that they can save and sell later when I’m famous.  Hehe.

I’m hoping that they will see the time spent on each story is far more than I would have spent on the planning and purchase of said cookie-mix-in-a-jar which is all I can afford this year.  The short stories I do take several days each, by the time I’m finished editing and rewrites!

Just think, now they really will be a labor of love.  🙂

26 Comments to “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year”

  1. Neeks, this is a LOVELY idea! I would love to receive a gift like this, it’s definitely a lot more personal than just going into a shop and grabbing something off of the shelf. These are my fave type of gifts, ones that people have thought about. I’m sure your family will love them! B x

  2. A wonderful idea! And your mum will love it. My teenage son wrote a rap for me for my birthday and it was the highlight of my day.

    • How awesome is your son? That’s neat. I still have the hand made cards and things that my daughter did for me when she was little. They are very special to me.

  3. I hear you about December! – Both my kids have their birthdays in December so it’s always a really expensive month.

    It’s a lovely idea, I would be touched if someone took the time to write something for me as a present. A few years ago, my ex wrote a screenplay for a couple as a wedding present, with the couple as the main characters. He did it as a historical story, calling her Lady whatever, and the guy was a kind of gallant hero on horseback, rescuing her from something or other. I can’t really remember it, but I thought it was a really nice idea, and a unique wedding present!

  4. You’ve just reminded me of a time I wrote everyone a poem in their Christmas card one year… but I was going through an early teen/emotional stage and all the poems had a kind-of “Merry Christmas, I hate you” feel to them. Looking back now, I was a right moody bastard back then…

    Well, I still am, really. But now it’s called humbug and no-one seems to mind 😉

    • Hehehe lordscree, “Merry Christmas, I hate you,” that’s funny. Yea, I went through the Christmas poem teen stage, only mine were all bouncy, flouncy, I love-you-all poems, lol. Those were the days…

  5. I think that’s a great idea. You could also create a “gift certificate” for some service you could provide to them at the end of the story that relates to the story (especially for your dad, who might appreciate the story more if there is a bonus at the end)! 😉

    • Hehehe, good idea Lorna. My daughter came home from school when she was little, they had made “coupons” in class for Xmas presents. They were for things like “clean my room,” “pick up my toys,” “take my bath” etc., she never used any of them, LOL! It was cute though.

  6. The best kind of gifts are the thoughtful ones that take effort!

  7. Don’t worry, I’ll let you forego buying me a present this year.

  8. It’s a wonderful idea, and wish you well. Such writing will be from the heart.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. Creative, personally crafted gifts are THE BEST. Okay, maybe not for five-year-olds or surly teenagers, but for the rest of us? Yes! Christmas has become far too commercialized. Even if you had a million dollars to spend on gifts, the written stories would be priceless and remembered far after the expensive toys and clothes were forgotten in the closet.

    • I know jmmcdowell, I can hear it now… “remember the year Monique wrote those stories and tried to pass them off as Christmas gifts? She had Mom saving the Sacred Bible while Poppa was checking under his kilt for his lost bagpipes…” LOL

  10. I love handmade gifts. I always do birthday and Christmas cards by hand and have my kids help me. I am not brave enough to gift any of my poetry or stories to anyone but I have handpainted things like picture frames and given those as gifts. I think your idea is wonderful and so much more meaningful than anything bought in a store.

    • Thanks Kate, handmade cards sound like a neat idea too. I have plenty of store-bought ones, I get them cheap after the holiday each year so I’m always supplied for the next year, but making some myself this year is appealing.

      Another thing I do at Christmas is to make a bunch of Christmas candy and little bread loaves (banana, spice, apple, etc.), pack them into tins and deliver them to my neighbors and some elderly folks. It’s a chance to visit and catch up, and bring them a little seasonal sunshine 🙂

  11. Beautiful – I think that Christmas time has become too commercialised anyway. This sounds as though you are making Christmas what it should be.

  12. Positively wonderful–and a generous–gift idea. More power to you, and I hope they all love what you present them. Good luck.

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