100 Word Story – …the notes from the piano…

by limebirdwriters

Well, hello there! Each week, we do 100 word stories using a prompt from Julia’s Place. This week the prompt is ”…the notes from the piano…” If you would like to take part, scroll down to the bottom for the rules!

100 word challenge


This week we have Limebirds Laura, Neeks and Raven taking part.


The notes from the piano rang out in sharp contrast to the silence that previously filled the air. Steadying her heartbeat, Annie stole a glance around the corner to see what made the noise.

Looming 8 feet tall was none other than the gray alien she feared.

“Dear, stop writing about aliens. Don’t you have anything else to talk about?”

“JOHN! Stop reading over my shoulder, you know I hate it when you do that. Get out!’

“Just thought you’d like to know, there’s a UFO in the yard.”

I slowly peeled back the curtains. Nothing.

“Gotcha! God you are so gullible.”


Maddie climbed, it seemed like forever. Finally she reached the top and stepped out onto the bleached surface. Dooo! She took another step. Reeee! And another, Miii! She hopped and skipped a few steps and did a cartwheel and turned out a short version of “Chopsticks.”
This was so much fun.

The notes from the piano brought her father running. He yelled to her from the floor. “What are you doing up there?” “Piano lessons!” She hollered back to him. “Nonsense!“ He yelled. “Arietty mind the cat! She will hear you. Come, get down!”  Oh the problems of the Borrowers– vacuum cleaners, toilets and pets!


Johnny strummed his fingers across the keys, coaxing the notes from the piano just like he did every weekend. He always smiled while he played along. It made the customers happy to see him smile and he got better tips when he did. The only time he’d stop smiling was during the sad songs. That’s when he dropped the mask.

The bartender noticed the pattern. She knew she was the only one who saw the real emotion inside the piano man.

The sad songs played and his true emotion shown only when the cocktail waitress bustled past him, wedding ring gleaming on her finger.

Would you like to have a go at a 100 word story? Well, head on over to Julia’s Place for the rules and either add your offering in the comments, or do your own post, but don’t forget to either link back to us or let us know in the comments so we can come and read!


7 Comments to “100 Word Story – …the notes from the piano…”

  1. Great to see how all your minds work differently – thank you for sharing.

  2. Nice job, Limebirds!
    Laura, your tricksy John made me chuckle, though, personally, I never mind a good alien story. 😉
    Neeks, I liked that first paragraph a lot: quite mysterious but fun. The reveal of the piano was great!
    Raven, what a melancholy vignette – I like the different observations and perspectives between piano player, witting bartender, and oblivious cocktail waitress.

    I always enjoy seeing such different takes on these prompts. 🙂

  3. Really likes all three, great job. It was a lovely prompt this week I thought, shame I didn’t get around to writing one myself!

    • Thanks Vanessa! I dedicated mine to Kate because she teases me for writing about aliens. SO when the prompt came out I immediately thought I have to write this about aliens because the words were a bit of a stretch for an alien setting. so I thought it’d be fun to do that 😀

  4. Ah! I thought it might be ‘aliens’. 🙂 Very cute. I often wonder if authors who write about aliens or horror ever scare themselves? Well, Laura, do ya? do ya?

    Great job, Limebirds!

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