Catching Up With The Limebirds

by limebirdwriters

Well hello there dear reader, you’re looking most delightful today. New hairdo right? No, new top? No, I got it. It’s that lovely smile. Well, it’s dazzling me, you charmer you.

So, this post is just a bit of a catchup with the Limebirds, and what some of us busybees have been up to

Firstly, we’ve launched our own little project of 140 character stories on Twitter. Just for fun really. You can find us here-Ā  @limebirdstories Please do come and follow us and share your own too.

Also, LimebirdCat has released an e-book, which you can find here – ‘The Heroine of Crundlebridge Lane” It’s only 90p, a bargain! Please do buy it and give it a read, we think it’s awesome. (Ok, I know we’re biased, but seriously it’s great.)

Dennis has also got a narration service – Dramatic Voice , and throughout February, he has a special offer on, of 25% off all narrations. So if you want anything narrated by the sultry tones of Dennis, then head on over to there! Click here for a demo reel.

So, that’s a few things that the Limebirds have been up to! What about you, anything new happening?

15 Comments to “Catching Up With The Limebirds”

  1. Hoping to send a WIP to betas next week, although a cold is setting in. That’s not fun. šŸ˜¦

  2. Very cool! Man, you birds always have irons in the fire.

    And I just got my Limebird swag in the mail! Many thanks, Beth & Co.!

  3. The day will never come when I can write a story in 140 words! I can barely write a tease in 140 words! LOL

  4. So pleased for us! *self congratulatory pat on the back* šŸ™‚ we rock – as do all you beautiful people out there. Come, tell us what you’re up to as well!

  5. Reblogged this on Continuous Strings and commented:
    Here’s what we’re up to in the writing blog I belong to:

  6. Congrats on the limebird stories twitter adventure. Sounds fun–I just followed you! šŸ™‚

  7. Limebirds make a successful, happy flock! Congrats all around!

  8. There’s always something fun and interesting happening in Limebirdland! (I imagine Limebirdland to be a lot like Neverland…except with more ladies. And no Captain Hook.)

    Cat: Didn’t you post an excerpt of “Heroine” on the Limebirds board? (Why, yes, you did! I went and looked it up!) I’m interested to hear your thoughts on self-publishing.

    Dennis: What a neat business! We do voice-overs here at my work, but that is for video productions, and usually it’s quite staid stuff. Audio books are an interesting mix between script and novel. Is there ever an instance where you’d change the text you’re given?

    As for me, I’ve set my 2012 NaNo sci-fi story aside. I would put it out for betas…but I don’t have any. So, it’s back to finishing my novel (from my 2011 NaNo!). Oh! And, I received my lovely Limebird special swag, too! I will have to thank you all properly in a later post. šŸ™‚

  9. Good idea for the update. And, consider yourself followed on Twitter. šŸ™‚

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