The Blogging From A To Z Challenge

by limebirddennis

a-z challenge

I have noticed two things about the readership of the Limebird Writers blog. First of all, that many readers are also bloggers. Second, that many go in for crazy challenges such as NaNoWriMo. So I thought that I would let everyone know about another challenge that might be fun (and useful).

I recently discovered (and signed up for) the Blogging From A to Z Challenge. This means that, throughout the month of April (excluding Sundays) I will be posting every day on my Terran Dream Archive blog. (On April 1st with a topic themed on something with the letter A, then on April 2nd another topic with the letter B as the theme, and so on.)

In 2010 there were nearly 100 bloggers who started the Challenge and most of those saw it through to the end. In 2011 nearly 1300 bloggers signed up and in 2012 it was around 1700. As of 12th February, 47 days before the start of the challenge, there are 659 blogs already listed on the site!

Apart from giving you a ready made prompt for 26 posts in a month, the signup page encourages you “to visit blogs on the list, starting with the one right after yours. If you can manage 5 a day – great; more than five – even better! Have fun and get to know your blogging neighbours.” That way you get to network and will hopefully have a number of new followers by the end of the month.

I’m using the month to highlight issues and themes from my three books, plus providing some samples (of short stories, poems, and audio content). Here is my draft schedule for posts (although it doesn’t have to be set in stone, and can be altered as inspiration hits!


02/04/2013   B is for BIOLOGY

03/04/2013   C is for COSTUMES

04/04/2013   D is for DANGER

05/04/2013   E is for EQUALITY

06/04/2013   F is for FRANKENSTEIN

08/04/2013   G is for GENDER

09/04/2013   H is for HUMOUR

10/04/2013   I is for IDENTITY

11/04/2013   J is for JEWEL

12/04/2013   K is for KILLER

13/04/2013   L is for LURE

15/04/2013   M is for MECHANICAL

16/04/2013   N is for NARRATION

17/04/2013   O is for ODULIK

18/04/2013   P is for POETRY

19/04/2013   Q is for QUOTATIONS

20/04/2013   R is for RELIGION

22/04/2013   S is for STARSHIPS

23/04/2013   T is for TIME TRAVEL

24/04/2013   U is for UNCHAIN

25/04/2013   V is for VICTORY

26/04/2013   W is for WONDER

27/04/2013   X is for XENOPHOBIA

29/04/2013   Y is for YA

30/04/2013   Z is for ZOMBIES

How many of you have your own blogs? Will you be signing up for the challenge? Will your 26 posts have a theme or thread running through them, or will they be totally random?



45 Responses to “The Blogging From A To Z Challenge”

  1. Sounds good Dennis! I don’t know if I’ll have time to take part in this challenge, but I’ll be checking out your entries! 🙂 B

  2. Oh, I’d forgotten about this! I did it last year and had a blast. Heading over to sign up now. Thanks for the reminder.

    • Glad to be of service!

      Did you manage to complete the challenge last year? Do you have any tips?

      Good luck this year.

      • I actually did finish last year. My biggest tip: don’t procrastinate putting posts together. Plan ahead, write as many as you can in advance and schedule their appearance. As I flew by the seat of my pants the last time, I almost missed many posts or had to think real fast about what I wanted to write about. This year I see a bit more planning and organization in the works.

  3. Not heard of this before. Well done. Will be signing up.

  4. I thought about doing this challenge last year, but pulled out at the last minute. Too daunted about 26 posts in one month when I’d not done ANY preparation.

    This year I signed up the day it opened. A nice 150 on the list 🙂

    Happy AtoZ blogging, I’ll swing by to check your posts.

    • I agree Pete, preparation is definitely needed. I’ll swing by your (highly placed) blog to take a look 😉

    • Just signed up to your blog, Pete. How is the crime novel going? (I recently sent off my first purely crime (rather than crime/SF) story to Crime City Central, so finger’s crossed!

  5. Neat! That’s a great list you’ve got for posts, Dennis. I’m especially looking forward to F and G, personally. 🙂

    As for me, I need to concentrate on my novel, so I’m cutting back on my blogging. But, like Beth, I’m interested to see what comes from this challenge!

    • Thanks for the comment Mayumi.

      As, by April, I will have my third book out, I will be using the blog to give tasters. The plan is, for each subject, to talk in general terms about the subject and then give a sample from my work.

      For example, F will include a sonnet written by Frankenstein’s ‘creature’. G will include a short steampunk story about the world’s first ‘transitioning-sexual Mechaniborg’.

  6. It sounds like a cool challenge, but there is no way I can post nearly every day, even if I have topics! I simply must work on the novels and get them moving toward publication.

    • I agree, it is a major challenge. Hopefully it will give you some interesting blogs to read when you are taking a rest from your own writing!

  7. Interesting…very interesting…will look into this…

    • The good thing about it, Jilanne, is that you have the letter prompts. Also, the minimum post is only 100 words, so not every posts has to be pages long!

  8. Sounds like fun. I’ve never met a challenge I didn’t want to sign up for but then didn’t manage to complete, so I don’t know know whether I ought to take part. But I’ll be watching for your posts.

  9. Sounds like you’ve really got it together for April. Thanks for the mention. This will be linked to on my A to Z Blog post of February 25th.


    • Thanks for your comment Arlee!

      I think that the challenge is such a brilliant idea, I am encouraging everyone I know to sign up!

  10. That does sound fun Dennis, I would enjoy doing something like that, but I have too many other things with higher priority at the moment. A few blogs I follow are doing this, so I will be interested to flit around and see what others are making of the challenge!

  11. This is a great idea indeed. Thank you.


  12. Sounds like just the thing I need to get myself back on track. H for “holding myself accountable!”

  13. I do have my own blog, but there is no way I can post every day. I have trouble posting once a week as it is! Good luck with your posts, though. I’ll be rooting for you!

  14. Excellent challenge! I’ll join Kate in rooting for you! 🙂

  15. Hi Dennis.
    I’m popping in via the A to Z Challenge blog, as a volunteer on Team Ninja Minions.
    Great theme for the challenge! You seem quite organized!
    Nice to meet you.

  16. This post was one of just eight featured on this week’s update at the A to Z Challenge site.

    Hopefully that will send a few more readers our way!

  17. I signed up and I’m busy working on my posts. Your list sounds amazing! This year is my first year it’s a little (A lot!) intimidating! I’m trying to be ready!
    Peanut Butter and Whine

    • Thanks for the comment! Yes it can be a little intimidating, but I have already written 4.5 posts, so it is worth getting started…

      I have also decided to have a public domain (with Creative Commons licence) image for each post and a link to the artist. So I am attempting to spread the love in more ways than one.

  18. Hello from A to Z! TIme Travel is my favorite of the scifi theories. Good luck to you!



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