100 Word Challenge – …despite the pounding in my head…

by limebirdwriters

Well hello there lovely Limebird reader, you’re looking most delightful today, as always!  The Limebird Writers take part in the 100 Word Challenges, set  by Julias Place. This week the prompt is …despite the pounding in my head…  If you want to do your own 100 story, then scroll down to the bottom for more information. 🙂

100 word challenge

Today we have Limebirds Raven and Vanessa taking part.


Despite the pounding in my head, I kept on walking, head held high. Well…as high as it could go anyways.  It was the last day for two weeks and I couldn’t let George down.  On I went, tightening my buttocks to keep my legs straight. I squeezed my knees together so I would not fall over.

Just ten more minutes…

The roar was deafening as we rounded the last curve.  Man, that lion scares me every time.  This time I almost lost my stance.  At the ringleader’s signal, I lowered my legs, stood upright and waved.  The Big Top was finally closed.


The day was Monday, but the socks said Wednesday. He glared at me. “Mummy, where are my Monday socks?”

“Darling, I can’t find them, but it doesn’t matter.”

“Doesn’t matter? It’s Monday. I need my Monday socks!”

Despite the pounding in my head, I kept calm. “Nobody will know what it says on your socks.”

“I will.”

“How about some plain socks?”

“Plain socks are for the weekend. Monday to Friday socks are for the week.”

I sighed. “Ok, well I’ll get you Daddy’s Monday socks then.”

Ten minutes later he walked out of the door, happy.

“Sylvia!” called my husband. “Where are my Monday socks?”

Would you like to have a go at a 100 word story? Well, head on over to Julia’s Place for the rules and either add your offering in the comments, or do your own post, but don’t forget to either link back to us or let us know in the comments so we can come and read!


13 Comments to “100 Word Challenge – …despite the pounding in my head…”

  1. Great job, ladies!

    Vanessa, yours really cracked me up. I can picture it happening in my house. We’re some very particular people. Haha.

  2. Great job on both stories. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. Loved your take on it Vanessa, haven’t we all had similar situations with our kids and spouses! Raven, very creative take on the prompt.

  4. Both great extensions of the prompt — I love them both!

  5. I’m still trying to sort out your narrator, Raven. At first, I thought it one of the animals – I really like the line about not letting down George; it sounded a lot like the inner voice of a trained beast wanting to do good, maybe an elephant, based on the bit about the lion – but I’m not certain. It’s got some nice weariness to it, though, no matter who or what it is.

    I chuckled at your realistic family portrayal, Vanessa. Such anxiety, just over socks…from child as well as dad! 🙂

    Fresh takes on the prompt from both of you, which is always fun to see. Thanks for sharing!

    • Thank you Mayumi, yes, I recently made a rod for my own back by buying my son some Monday to Friday socks, so this is very realistic!

      • On paper, the idea of assigned clothes for days of the week may seem a bit silly. But, I enjoyed wearing a school uniform (for 12 years). Einstein was right: it frees up so much of the mind, not to have to concern oneself with what to wear every day! 🙂

    • I was afraid of that. The woman in my mind was walking on her hands. Sorry about that! Sometimes I try to hard to keep people guessing.

  6. Awesome as always! Raven….. I hope to never be in a position like that in my life EVER! That would be terrifying :-O . Vanessa, I’d just run off crying and hide under my bed until everyone left me alone LOL!

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