Across the Finishing Line!

by limebirddennis

a-z challenge

Today is the last day of April and I, along with many of the other 1,867 bloggers who signed up to the challenge, have managed to scramble my way over the finishing line. So, what I have I learned?

1) That writing 30 blog posts in a month is hard! I didn’t want to just write a few lines each day, I wanted my articles to have a bit of substance about them, but 30? Not easy!

2) During my research for the posts I have learned more about the genre of science fiction and I now have a few ideas for stories percolating around in my head. Once I have taken a breath I will get to work on some of the ideas…

3) That there are some wonderful blogs out there if one only just goes and looks (see my post from 15th April for some that I have enjoyed).

Have you been following the challenge? Have you discovered some interesting new blogs?

Have you got any challenges lined up (before NaNoWriMo in November)?

P.S. My article for today is “Z is for Zombies”


21 Comments to “Across the Finishing Line!”

  1. Congratulations Dennis! 🙂

  2. Sounds like a fun but tough challenge, well done! It’s so difficult to find time (and brain power…) for both blog and more creative writing, I think. Not sure I’d have managed it …

    • Thanks for the comment stumbleword. I have to admit that my creative writing took a back seat, but I’m now off and running again!

  3. I enjoyed it too! I’m quite sad that it’s over so will definitely be on the look out for other challenges 🙂 I prepared some beforehand, so mostly managed to be a day or two ahead of myself, but others I did on the day…mine weren’t too lenghty though so it didn’t seem too much of a chore. I have read many interesting new blogs, some on topics that I would not normally read. And I have had lots more visits, comments and followers on mine which has been great considering I’m quite a ‘newbie’ having only started blogging last year. Well done on completing it 🙂

    • Congratulations Sharon on completing the challenge. I also saw increased traffic and interest. I’m glad your blog is going from strength to strength!

  4. My Z post is yet to go up, but yes, it’s been a great, but hard month. I have found its given me a new routine though and one I intend to keep. – Not the blogging but the sitting down at my desk and writing!

    • A routine is great Rebecca, I think the challenge got me back on track. I will still blog but maybe just once a week, six days for other writing.

  5. Congratulations on crossing the finish line! Every day for 30 days – tough!

  6. This challenge was great fun. This was my first time blogging and this challenge was just what I needed to to get off to a good start. I have enjoyed reading as many blogs as I have found time for and have learned much. I’m looking forward to participating again next year. I will be looking for other challenges before then but for now I am ready to blog two maybe three times a week for a much needed break. My other neglected duties this past month are screaming my name. Thank you for putting this challenge out there for all of us. I have enjoyed your posts and gleaned valuable information from the content.

    • Thanks for your comments Jacqleene. “ready to blog two maybe three times a week for a much needed break” nice to see another crazy person here!

      I’m glad you enjoyed my blog posts too!

  7. The time and energy that you all have been putting into this is astounding. I know I’m exhausted from sampling everyone’s “wares.” My initial thought is that everyone should take a brief holiday, but that goes against those who now have a solid writing routine. Congrats to those who met the challenge!

  8. Congrats Dennis!

  9. Congratulations on finishing the challenge. It was a slog at times, but worth it in the end. I enjoyed reading your earlier posts, things got away from me at the end though I plan on dropping by your blog again and catching up. Now it’s over I need sleep 🙂

  10. I can’t take on these blog challenges. It’s enough of a challenge to read the posts of bloggers I follow and write a couple of my own during the week. Oh yeah, and work on my new book… 😉

  11. Well done for getting through it! I suppose I could do it because I did nano in November, but I’d have to have a definite theme I think if I did the April challenge next year.

  12. Congrats on doing the 30 posts. While I did NaNo and enjoyed it, I felt that this challenge was way out of my league in terms of coming up with interesting, meaningful posts 30 days in a row. But I admire anyone who even dared attempt it!

  13. Congratulations on reaching that finishing line so successfully, Dennis! Even better, it’s great to hear this challenge sparked some fresh ideas for your pen!

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