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May 17, 2013

Returning In a Rowing Boat

by LimebirdCat

Rumours of a my demise are greatly exaggerated, I am back! I’m not full steam ahead or anything so spectacular – more rowing at minimal speed behind the QE2-like boat that is HMS Limebird.

I’ve hardly written a ruddy thing since I became sick a few months back. Which is, creatively speaking, something of a nightmare.

When you are away from your quill and parchment for so long, your inner doubts settle in. Am I any good? Do I care if I am? Oh, very philosophical questions indeed and certainly metaphysical in the most part.

It’s been actually quite hard to get back in the saddle, I’ve found. I seem to have lost all concept of grammar and voice too – I have no idea where I left them.

From a grammatical point of view, it’s been something of a hairy massacre. Infinitive’s split all over the shop, punctuation banished and abandoned and sentence structure having been reduced to little more than an incoherent pulp. Not pleasant for all involved.

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