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May 29, 2013


by Neeks

I did  it.  Did what?  Well.. .now there’s the story. I write feature articles for a local magazine where I live.  It’s a nice publication and I’m very blessed to be associated with it.  I’ve been writing for them for about 4 years now.  They print 4 times a year with a distribution of about 10,000.  Here is a the very first article I did for them.

I write about the county I live in for the most part (there is one issue coming up with a story about my vacation in Oregon a few years back).  The deep south has a lot of history to tell, so many things about our area in particular are simply no longer here – reclaimed by the tall pines and scrub oaks.  Entire towns.  A way of life that is no more, turpentine towns that grew up in the woods and then declined – eventually disappearing when the demand dwindled and dried up.  My family has lived in the area for several generations, and there are lots of stories to tell about all of these things.

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