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August 19, 2013

Writing Competitions and Opportunities Digest – Edition 10

by limebirdvanessa

Welcome to the 10th edition of our weekly selection of writing competitions and opportunities.

Fancy a bit of a challenge? How about writing a whole story with only dialogue? That’s right, not even any  ‘he said/she said’ tags! See the first on our list below for details.

If you missed the last edition of our digest, you can view it here.


Opportunity type – Short story contest.
Theme – Dialogue only.
Word count – 2,000 words.
Organiser/publisher – Bartleby Snopes.
Reward – Minimum of $250 for first place, but more if entry numbers greater.
Eligibility – not specified.
Deadline – September 15, 2013.
Link for infoDialogue only contest.
Notes – There is a $10 entry fee. They operate a rolling rejection process.

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