Writing Competitions and Opportunities Digest – Edition 10

by limebirdvanessa

Welcome to the 10th edition of our weekly selection of writing competitions and opportunities.

Fancy a bit of a challenge? How about writing a whole story with only dialogue? That’s right, not even any  ‘he said/she said’ tags! See the first on our list below for details.

If you missed the last edition of our digest, you can view it here.


Opportunity type – Short story contest.
Theme – Dialogue only.
Word count – 2,000 words.
Organiser/publisher – Bartleby Snopes.
Reward – Minimum of $250 for first place, but more if entry numbers greater.
Eligibility – not specified.
Deadline – September 15, 2013.
Link for infoDialogue only contest.
Notes – There is a $10 entry fee. They operate a rolling rejection process.


Opportunity type – Magazine that welcomes submissions from new contributors.
Theme – Dogs.
Word count – Approx 850 – 1,200 words.
Organiser/publisher – Dog Fancy magazine.
Reward – Varies, depends on length and quality of article.
Eligibility – Not specified.
Deadline – Ongoing.
Link for infoDog Fancy magazine (select ‘Submission Guidelines’ from current issue box).
Notes – Contact them with a query initially, not the full text. Ideally you should also be able to submit high quality images to accompany your article. If you haven’t written about pets before, there are some useful general tips about writing for pet magazines on this site.


Opportunity type – Book publisher open to new submissions.
Theme – Various current calls, see website (includes calls for anthologies).
Wordcount – Various.
Organiser/publisher – Melange Books.
Reward – 40% net royalties on digital formats and 10% on print.
Eligibility – Not specified.
Deadline – Various.
Link for infoMelange books submissions.
Notes – Melange Books have published around 200 books since they began in January 2011, and cover a range of genres.


Opportunity type – Flash fiction competition.
Theme – DNA.
Word count – Up to 500 words.
Organiser/publisher – Creative Industries Trafford and Manchester Literature Festival.
Reward – £50 book token, story published online, and winning authors invited to read out their story at an event in October.
Eligibility – Must be at least 18 years old to enter.
Deadline – September 16, 2013.
Link for infoCIT Flash fiction competition.
Notes – There is no entry fee.


Good luck everyone!

Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of information given here, but please verify details yourself before submitting anywhere as Limebird Writers cannot be held liable for any inaccuracies. Listing of opportunities here is not necessarily an endorsement of them.


8 Responses to “Writing Competitions and Opportunities Digest – Edition 10”

  1. 2,000 words and dialogue only? That’s a tough one!

  2. I did a dialogue only short story once, it turned out to be pretty funny and not nearly as hard as I thought it would be.


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