Writing Competitions and Opportunities Digest – Edition 13

by limebirdvanessa

Welcome to the 13th edition of our weekly selection of writing competitions and opportunities.

We’ve already reached edition 13! Make 13 a lucky number for you by submitting your writing to one of the opportunities below…

If you missed the last edition of our digest, you can view it here.


Opportunity type – London theatre welcoming unsolicited scripts from new writers.
Theme – Various, see website for details.
Word count – Not specified, but their focus is on presenting full length plays .
Organiser/publisher – Finborough Theatre.
Reward – Production and performance of your play (not clear from website whether there is also payment) .
Eligibility – Open to international writers.
Deadline – Ongoing (they run a competition for which this year’s deadline has passed, but they welcome unsolicited scripts all year).
Link for infoFinborough Theatre submissions.
Notes – This is a small off West End theatre, which was founded in 1980. Many plays that have premiered here have transferred to the West End, Off-Broadway, and internationally.


Opportunity type – International short fiction competition.
Theme – Any.
Word count – Up to 3,000 words.
Organiser/publisher – Writers’ Village.
Reward – First prize £1000 ($1600), see website for other prizes.
Eligibility – Open to international entrants aged 18 or over.
Deadline – November 30, 2013.
Link for infoWriters’ Village competition.
Notes – There is an entry fee of £15 ($24). Every entrant, winner or not, will receive a detailed analysis of how their story was assessed.


Opportunity type – Memoir journal accepting unsolicited submissions.
Theme – Memoir in various forms: prose, poetry, narrative photography, or graphic memoir.
Word count – Not specified.
Organiser/publisher – Memoir Journal.
Reward – Not specified beyond publication in the magazine.
Eligibility – Not specified.
Deadline – They have two submission periods per year, the next one is from November to February.
Link for infoMemoir submission info.
Notes – You can purchase back issues of the magazine on the website, or just preview past editions to get an idea of content style. Click on one of the memoir issues on the right hand side and then select ‘Preview issue’ here.


Opportunity type – Poetry award.
Theme – Any.
Word count – Between twelve and sixteen pages of poetry, up to 40 lines per page.
Organiser/publisher – Templar Poetry/iOTA Shot Awards.
Reward – Two or three winners will have their collection published into pamphlets which will be sold on their bookshop website, their retail stockists, and at live events and book fairs.
Eligibility – Entries welcomed from anywhere in the world.
Deadline – November 18, 2013.
Link for infoiOTA shot Awards link.
Notes – Open to both published and unpublished poets. The collection you submit must not have been previously published as a collection, but individual poems may have been previously published.


Good luck everyone!

Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of information given here, but please verify details yourself before submitting anywhere as Limebird Writers cannot be held liable for any inaccuracies. Listing of opportunities here is not necessarily an endorsement of them.

18 Responses to “Writing Competitions and Opportunities Digest – Edition 13”

  1. OOOO Laura should so do the top one! And Dennis the bottom one!

    • Does Laura do playwriting as well as screenwriting then? They’re similar but not quite the same. Maybe she can enlighten us if she sees this! 🙂

      • I haven’t written one but I think they include stage direction …you know I’ve never thought of it but I think I’m going to look into what it takes to make a good play…

  2. Thirteen already? Wow. Lots of good research Vanessa. Thanks.

  3. Thanks for all of your work compiling these. I will definitely be sending in something for the iOTA Shot Awards!

  4. More great contests, Vanessa you are the contest conqueror!

  5. WordPress suggested yours might be a blog I’d like, and they were right! Thank you so much for compiling these; I have seen a couple I am interested in already.

  6. Thanks, Vanessa. I have to get myself busy… 🙂

  7. This is the first time I’ve managed to check in on the digest. Thank you for compiling all these things for us. Wonderful. 🙂


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