Writing Competitions and Opportunities Digest – Edition 14

by limebirdvanessa

Welcome to the 14th edition of our weekly selection of writing competitions and opportunities.

This week’s edition includes our first ever listing of a Haiku contest, so if Haiku is your bag, then that one’s for you!

If you missed the last edition of our digest, you can view it here.


Opportunity type – Crime novel competition.
Theme – Murder or another serious crime.
Word count – Book length, minimum 220 typewritten pages or approximately 60,000 words .
Organiser/publisher – Minotaur Books/Mystery Writers of America.
Reward – “If a winner is selected, Minotaur Books will offer to enter into its standard form author’s agreement with the entrant for publication of the winning Manuscript. After execution of the standard form author’s agreement by both parties, the winner will receive an advance against future royalties of $10,000. On the condition that the selected winner accepts and executes the publishing contract proposed by Minotaur Books, the winner will then be recognized at the Edgar Awards Banquet in New York City in April 2014″ .
Eligibility – Open to writers of any nationality aged 18 or over, who have not previously had a novel in any genre published (self- published novelists can enter, as long as the entry itself is not one they have self-published).
Deadline – December 16, 2013.
Link for info – First crime novel competition.
Notes – They suggest that submissions will get a more careful reading if submitted early rather than during the last minute rush.


Opportunity type – Haiku contest.
Theme – Any.
Word count – Standard Haiku length.
Organiser/publisher – The Australian Haiku Society.
Reward – First Prize: NZ$200, 2nd and 3rd prizes NZ$50 each. Plus publication in Kokako20.
Eligibility – Open to international entrants.
Deadline – October 31, 2013.
Link for info – Haiku contest.
Notes – There is an entry fee of NZ$5 for every 3 haiku, for overseas entries US$4 for every three haiku, AUS$4 for every 3 haiku.


Opportunity type – Attraction review writing contest.
Theme – A review of somewhere in London.
Word count – Not specified.
Organiser/publisher – Time Out magazine.
Reward – A three night trip to New York City, plus chance of publication in magazine (see ‘Notes’ below).
Eligibility – UK residents only, aged 18 or over.
Deadline – September 30, 2013.
Link for info – Time Out review writing contest.
Notes – Multiple submissions are allowed. The winner of the New York trip will be randomly selected, however any reviews you submit can also be entered in their weekly ‘Review of the week’ competition, with the best submissions being published in the magazine, both hard copy and online.


Opportunity type – Non fiction book publisher welcoming queries from new authors.
Theme – Speciality is books on outdoor activities, see here for fuller detail of themes.
Word count – Not specified.
Organiser/publisher – Burford Books.
Reward – Not specified.
Eligibility –  Not specified. They do say that their books are sold world wide, primarily USA, Canada and the UK.
Deadline – Ongoing.
Link for info – Burford Books Author Guidelines.
Notes – Contact them with a book proposal initially.


Good luck everyone!

Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of information given here, but please verify details yourself before submitting anywhere as Limebird Writers cannot be held liable for any inaccuracies. Listing of opportunities here is not necessarily an endorsement of them.


3 Responses to “Writing Competitions and Opportunities Digest – Edition 14”

  1. Hi Everyone – love these updates. Great snapshots of some competitions. Thanks!

    Also, one I saw this week: the Guardian are running travel writing competitions (8 different categories) with some extremely impressive prizes. Check it out here: http://www.theguardian.com/travel/2013/sep/13/guardian-travel-writing-competition-2013

    Happy writing!


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