Results of Book Giveaway – ‘The King’s Jewel’

by limebirddennis

Last week I asked commenters to name a historical person (which could either be an ancestor or just any historical figure) and give a short (two or three sentence) synopsis of a situation that they would like to see that person deal with.

To decide on the winners, what I looked for was a story suggestion that made me want to read more. First of all, most suggested actual ancestors, which goes to show what you can find out about your roots if you look. A rich source of inspiration for writers!

There were just seven entries, and I was tempted to give everyone a copy, but then I thought that I should actually stick to my criteria.

jmmcdowell’s 16 year old ancestor captured by the Delaware was definitely a story that I would want to hear more of, but, on the down side, I have read or seen similar stories (e.g. A Man Called Horse).

Mrsbongle’s was interesting in that it took Doc Holliday out of his own era, however, the idea of killing Hitler before his rise to power has been done quite a few times.

jatwood4’s ancestor had a very exciting life and the story of having to save the crew after the captain abandoned ship would be very interesting to read.

Neeks talked about Eric the Red dealing with Mainstreet, USA. Some of the great science fiction and fantasy stories look at this fish out of water scenario and, given a good reason for him being there, could make a good story.

I liked Laura’s idea of taking three people (Ernest Shackleton, Hiram Bingham and David Livingstone) and having them explore the modern world, it would give lots of opportunity to look at their different approaches and opinions.

Lorna’s Voice told us of her grandmother in Paris during the Nazi occupation – a story that could look at some of the terrible injustices towards people seen as ‘the other’ by bigots.

Beth talked about both her and her husband’s family coming over with the Spanish Armada. I would love to learn more about the sailors who were forced into the navy and then ended up living on foreign shores. My ten greats grandfather, Richard Chantrell (my mother’s middle name is Chantrell) was 20 at the time of the Armada, living on a large Cheshire estate. I wonder what he would have thought of Beth’s ancestors!

It was tough whittling them down to the final three, but here they are:

jmmcdowell – Captured by the Delaware

jatwood4 – Captain Robert Abram Bartlett

Laura Alonso – Three Explorers

If the three winners could tell me what e-book format they would prefer (mobi, epub, pdf etc.), I will email it to them at their profile email.

And, for those who didn’t win (or didn’t enter – shame on you!) you can download a free sample of the first 20% (the first three chapters) at a variety of online bookstores The King’s Jewel Bookstore

Thank you to everyone who entered, and, to the winners, enjoy the book!

15 Comments to “Results of Book Giveaway – ‘The King’s Jewel’”

  1. How exciting! Congrats to JM, Judith and Laura! Wahoooooo, hope you all enjoy the book! B

  2. Happy Days! Thanks Dennis. I look forward to reading it. Can I have it in epub please?

    Will let you know when I am curled up reading it!

    Congrats to the other winners. Have a great reading and writing week.


  3. Thanks, Dennis! Er, Kindle is mobi, right? If not, whatever format works on it! 😉

  4. YAY for the winners, how exciting! I love getting to read other Limebird authors’ work, and I probably didn’t use that apostrophe correctly. Heeheehee, oh well.

  5. Thanks so much — you honor my ancestor by your choice. Problem: I don’t have a particular format because I have never read an e-book. I have an Android Tablet – Samsung Galaxy 2. Please, can you make any suggestions?

  6. Those do sound like some great pitches! Congrats to the winners! And, shame on me for being away these many weeks and missing this one, as it would have been a very neat little exercise.

    Good luck on the sales charts! 🙂

    • Thanks Mayumi. It’s early days yet, but fingers crossed. I did see that my previous novel, Talatu, was top ten in 3 categories on the Kobo at one point, so there is hope!

  7. Yay congrats to the winners! I look forward to reading this one!

  8. Everyone has an interesting story to tell. Now we all should do it! 🙂 Congratulations to all of the winners!

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