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September 25, 2013

Before You’re a Writer

by limebirdkate

Lately I’ve been thinking that if I had known more about myself and the courage and knowledge needed to embark on the writing journey, I would have been successful by now.

I wish I’d had a mentor, someone I could have talked to about the craft of writing. I also wish that I’d vocalized my desire to people who cared. What if I’d told my parents how serious I was about writing, rather than passing it off as a simple hobby? If I’d known how difficult it would be, I wouldn’t have taken my passion for granted. I should have kept my stories, even the terrible ones, because seeing how I’ve grown as a writer would have encouraged me to keep trying. I wish I’d gone to graduate school for my MFA. I should have taken the job at the paper. What if I had started submitting short stories back in college?

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