And Our Christmas Winner Is…

by limebirdvanessa

Last week, Jennifer M. Eaton came round to share an excerpt from her book Paper Wishes and give away an ebook copy of it just in time for Christmas!

The lucky randomly selected winner, was…Let’s Cut the Crap. Yay, congratulations! Please contact Jennifer using the email link on this page, and she will sort you out with the prize.

Merry Christmas everybody from all of the Limebirds – have a fabulous time!



5 Comments to “And Our Christmas Winner Is…”

  1. Congratulations Let’s Cut, you lucky thing. Just in time for Christmas 🙂

  2. Thank you for randomly selecting me as the winner of Jennifer’s e-book, Paper Wishes. Christmas arrived two days early this year. Yay. Thank you, Jennifer for the giveaway gift. I look forward to losing myself inside the pages.


    Merry Christmas to all. 😉

  3. Ta Da. Done, done and d.o.n.e. 😉 Thank you, thank you. *grins from ear to ear*

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